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This is a first in France: the Psychodon! This event will take place on June 12, 2018 in Paris. His ambition? Fight taboos around psychic illness and disability and highlight the daily lives of those living with these disorders. It is estimated that between 10 and 12 million people are affected in France!

The last taboo?

This evening is organized on the initiative of Didier Meillerand (photo opposite), at the same time president of the association Psychodon, economic journalist and author of the book The wooden pear, to grow up with a schizophrenic brother . “Disease poorly known to the general public, a source of fantasy, when it is treated and that, in most cases, we can live with if it is detected early and well supported,” written in the preface of this book Philippe D’Ornano, CEO of Sisley, whose sister, Laetitia, was “swept away” by schizophrenia. Could this be “the last taboo in France?” Asks Didier Meillerand. So, let’s talk about it! For our loved ones who are suffering, for us the caregivers ” . He is calling for a “great cause of national health” as early as 2018.

With the support of the President of the Republic

A glimmer of interest from the government? This evening is indeed placed under the high patronage of Emmanuel Macron. It will be punctuated by many interventions, including associative leaders involved in the field of psychic disability but also business leaders. In particular, Philippe D’Ornano (Sisley), Stéphane Roussel (Vivendi) and Benoît Miribel (President of the French Center for Funds and Foundations) … To “rise to the challenge of psychic illness” , his organizers opted for a festive spirit. It is the singer Olivia Ruiz, godmother of the event, who will perform on stage. Other personalities (Faustine, Artmengo or Monsieur Lune) will be present around the humorist Didier Gustin, the loyal Mr. of this evening.

Gather donations

But in Psychodon there is also “gift”; one of the major challenges will be fundraising to finance four very concrete objectives: support projects for the accommodation of people with psychic disabilities, create workshops for those affected by these disorders to animate their places of life, increase respite times for caregivers and promote innovative research that offers pragmatic solutions. This call “aims to bring together sponsors and associations, health professionals and business leaders, as well as project leaders who act on the territories and innovate by giving them the financial means to act as actors on the ground” , explain organizers.

Hashtag # psychodon2018

This first edition will benefit from a relay set up by AssoConnect, a digital platform that supports more than 2,000 associations, including the management of ticketing and the management of a dedicated website. On Twitter, the hashtag # psychodon2018 will allow everyone to take part in this collective challenge. The Psychodon opens its doors on June 12 at 8:30 pm at the Théâtre de l’oeuvre (Paris 9th). Participation is free upon registration (link below). Like other diseases that have their “day”, this initiative promises to be renewed every year. See you every 12th of June?