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Some books I just do not dare to read.

I had been looking forward for over a year to Johan Harstad to publish a new novel and had pre-ordered it and observed in the online bookshop over time that the title changed, that the great book cover broke up and not least that the release date was shifted a lot. But I knew I was expecting something good, so I managed to calm down, despite the high adrenaline level.

Practical aesthetic dust collector
Max, Mischa & Tetoffensiven was released in November last year. I took it to the post office, took it home, unpacked it, carried it upstairs and found out that it was too thick to fit in the bookshelf with its 1082 pages. So I put the book on top of the bookshelves and it has stood there since. Now it works as a kind of tripod for parts of the owl collection mi.

Anxiety and depression
A few years back, former colleague Ann-Sofi wrote a post on the Literature blog about being something she calls read-only . It’s about being in a period of low reading. My case with Johan Harstad’s book is so much dear, but it’s about the fear of lack of light: I simply have not read the book. We can call it reading performance anxiety .

Someone should use them to turn my mind into reason, because I have serious classic holes.

“All this makes Johan Harstad’s book …”
Max, Mischa & Tetoffensiven got (at least partly) extremely good reviews and, of course, I’m afraid to be disappointed. Last week, a literary blog published interviews with some of the country’s foremost literature connoisseurs who would choose a Norwegian novel from the last five years that has surprised them. Anne Merethe K. Prinos chose Harstad’s novel and justified in the other way : “[A novel] can bring forth laughter and cry, reflection and doubt, forgetfulness and memory, understanding and empathy, impatience and irritation. All this makes Johan Harstad’s book about Max, Mischa and Tetoffensiven ».


And then I’m afraid to read it, my favorite author’s monster book, at the wrong time. There is a lot that can go wrong. Can the format also help to scare – the book does not fit in the bag.

Creepy classics
In the picture next to you, we see two other examples of my reading performance anxiety: Pessoa Uroen’s book and Dostoevsky, really in general, but here represented by Crime and Punishment . These are books I’ve had in shelves for about eight years, but not yet read. Someone should use them to turn my mind into reason, because I have serious classic holes.

What about you, dear literature blog readers – what books do you care about? The Great Classics? Or maybe book the mom you talk so hot about and gave you a gift? Or maybe the girlfriend’s favorite book, the book you really should like (and not least beautiful)?