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Holy Week is over. With Resurrection Sunday we say goodbye to the days of rest, and we return to the routine, to the work day, to the early mornings and the stress of the day to day. Post holiday stress affects us all and it is very likely that these feel weak and low spirits, that your work performance decreases and that your level of concentration is much lower.

  1. Leisure plans with friends

Making fun plans when leaving work is the simplest and most effective way to maintain the energy and happiness of the holidays. On the one hand, you will keep your free time occupied and will not give you time to think about fatigue, stress, work issues and on the other you can have fun with your friends, develop social skills, maintain friendships or even discuss your work problems with a friend while you drink something on a terrace. Take advantage of the good weather is already coming! When your working day is over … Do not stay at home! Go out for a drink with your best friends, go to the movies to watch a good movie and eat popcorn or have dinner at a good restaurant. There are a thousand plans you can do!

  1. Extra activities (exercise, languages, courses …)

The best way to keep your mind busy to avoid thinking about the negative and forgetting work stress is to do more activities. But try to carry out activities that keep you active but at the same time have fun, if these activities overwhelm you will only increase your stress. Another valid option is the training courses or languages. You will cultivate the mind, learn new things and improve your concentration.

  1. Make a list of daily work

The best thing to not get overwhelmed when returning from vacations is to have everything organized. Make lists of daily activities. At work you can use post-it or notes on the computer or on your mobile phone. The important thing is that you put the most urgent at the beginning of the list and that at the end of the day you have eliminated at least two of those activities. When contemplating the phrase crossed out you will feel much better.

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  1. Listen to music and watch movies at home.

Leisure is very important these days. Although you have returned from vacation and it seems that nothing shines the same and everything has lost its color … the fun continues to exist and leisure is the best way to get there. Listen to music constantly, even if you do not feel like it. The melodies should be cheerful, no ballads or sad songs. And, if one day you do not have a plan, go watch a movie at home. Movies, series … any story that can keep your mind clear and entertained for at least an hour and a half. Thus time will fly by and the weekend will arrive sooner than expected!

  1. Sleep more than usual.

The hours of sleep are very important. If you arrive at your workplace with sleep, the day will cost you up and everything will cost twice as much. You will lose the capacity for concentration and desire to advance in your work. Respect the recommended 8 hours of sleep and, if not possible, at least not late nights. Oblígate to sleep at least 6 hours and avoid naps, then at night it will be more difficult to get to sleep and your work performance will decrease.

  1. Avoid chopping between hours

It is common that in times of stress we turn to food. The same thing happens with depression. Chopping between hours is not only not good for our organism but can also be detrimental to our work performance. The ingestion of food causes heaviness in our stomach and swelling and this makes us feel heavier and tired, less eager to work and more sleepy.

  1. Make some weekend trip

To combat post-holiday stress, there’s nothing better than going on a trip again. Plan a new trip for the weekend following the return of Easter holidays. If you do not unpack your suitcase you will save this step! The change of scene is very good, since it helps to clear our mind and return to coexisting with relaxation and rest outside the home. Take a look at weekend travel deals and do not think twice. Go back to escape to escape the routine.

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  1. Go shopping

Another very interesting option that can be very entertaining and rewarding is to go shopping. Any excuse is good to approach a department store and spend the money you earn working. Many times we work too much and then we do not have time to give us those whims that make us so happy. What are you waiting for? Stay with your friends or go with the family. Shopping is much more fun in company!

  1. Go back to the daily routine calmly

You have to keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day. And, for that, you should take the return to work as calmly as possible. If you are still on vacation and it is possible to return before, do it. This will benefit your work adaptation, you will have time to be at home and rest a few days before joining your job. And, later, when you have reincorporated, try to go little by little. Encourage friendship with your co-workers and if possible, delegate some activity to them. Serves only urgent mail for a while and spends a few days to make schemes, to have a higher productivity days later.

  1. Have positive energy

Positive energy is very important. If you manage to maintain the positive energy of the holidays, the return to work will be a piece of cake for you. It is demonstrated that energy is a very important aspect in the life of the human being. If the situations are faced with positivity and encouragement, the solutions will arrive sooner than expected. Try to keep your mind and body in activity. Keep good thoughts and eliminate bad ones. Think about the activities you will do after leaving work and consider yourself fortunate to have a job in these times. Everything can be looked at from the positive side. Think that you have been able to enjoy a few days of vacations and that soon the following ones will arrive.