December 23, 2018 Adrienne Cantwell 0Comment

44% of them believe that the standard of living will deteriorate in France within a year. A pessimism that is nevertheless less important than that of other socio-professional categories who think 63% that their purchasing power will deteriorate further. Same gap with regard to unemployment prospects. It will increase according to 40% of the decision-makers and 56% of the other assets.

A stalled financial situation

But it is by examining the personal situation of the two categories that we perceive the greatest gap between the frames and the others. When asked whether their financial situation will improve in the next few months, 45% believe that it will remain stable, while the “general public” – as it is called in the study – thinks 57% that it will degrade.

Professional opportunities: white-collar workers do not believe it

As we can see from this survey, the morale of the lower ranks is more related to a global situation than personal. Yet there is one point in the Viavoice study that goes against all the numbers, all the other surveys and all the analyzes of HR professionals. Low unemployment in their category? Recruitment difficulties? Functions in shortage of candidates? They do not believe in it, or do not feel concerned. 75% believe that opportunities to advance their careers in the coming months are low.

An impressive figure, barely less important than the 76% of other categories who think that their future will not be brighter than their present. Result of professional depression all-out: it largely affects the motivation of employees at work. 49% of decision makers believe that their employees are not.

A depression to relativize

Demotivation, depressed: autumn succeeds summer. However, it is necessary to relativize the moods of the frames. Their morale is certainly lower than in the two previous barometers of July and May. But this index of satisfaction of their professional and personal life is at the same level as that of 2004. Meanwhile, there was the financial crisis and its consequences that have plunged this morale deep down. Much lower than it is today.

* Barometer conducted online from 7 to 9 November 2018 according to the quota method (sex, age, public sector or private sector), with a sample of 400 decision-makers, representative of the executive population living in metropolitan France; and a public sample of 1,000 people representative of the population aged 18 and over residing in metropolitan France according to the quota method (sex, age, occupation of interviewee, region and category of agglomeration).