8 Male Celebrities On OnlyFans You Can Follow Right Now

While OnlyFans is pretty much synonymous with X-rated entertainment, it’s also become a platform where celebrities can engage with their fans and drop behind-the-scenes content — for those willing to pay a monthly fee, at least.

Whether you’re looking for exclusive content and early access to your favorite’s latest endeavors or just for the sexy pics and videos, here are the top eight male celebrities on OnlyFans you should subscribe to right now.

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1. Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey is a bit of a polarizing figure in the LGBTQ community. When the old Teen Wolf launched his OnlyFans page, he was met with accusations of queerbaiting from several users of the platform. In an interview with NMEPosey spoke about the impact the incident had on him and how he came to terms with his sexuality with the help of his current girlfriend, Phem, alternative rock singer.

“I’ve been with everyone under the sun, and right now I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had with a woman, and she’s also queer,” he told NME. “She helped me realize that I fall under the queer umbrella and that I am sexually fluid.”

You can subscribe to Only Tyler Posey Fans free.

fans of Eat outside and Fire Island Star Chris Salvatore can now access exclusive photos and videos through the actor’s OnlyFans account. Salvatore posts content on a weekly basis and personally responds to messages for free. The account contains nudity, so users must be 18 or older to subscribe.

You can subscribe to Only Chris Salvatore fans for $9.99 per month.

3. Milk

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 and All stars 3 contestant Daniel Donigan – better known by his drag persona Milk – joined OnlyFans in November 2020, promising weekly content and special requests (completed at his discretion).

Milk is not the only drag race alum to join the platform. Fans of the hit reality TV show can also subscribe to fan favorites like Katya, Adore Delano, Aja, Shea Couleé, The Vixen, Sasha Belle, Plastique Tiara and Willam.

You can subscribe to Milk’s Only Fans for $9.99 per month.

4. The Vixen

Appearing in the 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queen The Vixen is perhaps best known among fans as the outspoken queen who came out on her season’s reunion episode. This came after RuPaul’s insistence that she and teammates Aquaria and Eureka reconsider their previous feuds.

The Vixen is also known as a strong advocate against racism in the LGBTQ community and is the co-founder of Black Girl Magic, a drag show that exclusively features African American drag queens.

On OnlyFans, The Vixen is known as Tony Untucked. You can also catch NSFW previews of Tony’s OnlyFans content on his alternate Twitter page @TonyUntucked.

For full access to all of its content, subscribe to Only Tony fans for $9.99 per month.

5.David Marshall

Openly gay professional wrestler and personal trainer David Marshall is using his OnlyFans account in a rather novel way: raising money for mental health charities.

“The reason the money I raise from my OnlyFans goes to Beyond Blue [an Australian mental health support organization] it’s seeing the extent of depression and anxiety every day [sic] become in society and almost neglected. The LGBT stats in this area are also pretty scary, so I hope I can somehow give back to my community. Positivity is everything,” the Australian wrestler wrote in a Instagram post.

Marshall’s connection to mental health awareness is also personal – he lost his father to suicide in 2017.

According to Marshall’s OnlyFans page, he raised “just under $35,000 for mental health charities” through the platform by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, Beyond Blue (his charity of choice) could not accept the money as the organization has a policy against accepting. money earned through “gambling, alcohol and pornography”. The money has since been donated to the Black Dog Institute.

You can subscribe to Only Marshall fans for $10.99 per month.

6. Balmain Gravity

After winning the HBO Max reality voguing contest Legendary under the Maison Balmain, model, choreographer and dancer Gravity Balmain launched an OnlyFans channel featuring “more explicit and unfiltered” posts than what he posts on Twitter and Instagram, including full nudity and solo content.

They currently have 115 posts and 162 photos and videos on their channel. You can subscribe to Only fans of Gravity Balmain for $20 per month.

7. Ozzy Lusth

Survivor: Cook Islands Second placer and fan favorite Ozzy Lusth shocked and thrilled fans around the world when he announced he would be joining OnlyFans in early January 2021.

Lusth also came out as bisexual in April this year. In a tweet, Lusth wrote, “And to my fellow Republicans and everyone who matters, yes I am bisexual. Am I committing crimes?? If so, come get me. Let’s all live with dignity. Ask yourself if you support the people or the damn dogma you were fed. #ozzyisBi.

You can subscribe to Only Ozzy Lusth Fans for $8 a month.

8. Sasha Belle

Also known as Frisbee Jenkins, this RuPaul’s Drag Race alum is a mainstay of the Iowa drag scene. This dad with a thick mustache posts adult content without hanging out on his OnlyFans channel, which currently has 421 posts and 600 outlets.

You can subscribe to Only Sasha Belle Fans for $9.99 per month.

The essential

If you’re looking for eye candy or just want to see what it’s all about with OnlyFans, then these eight male celebrities are a great place to start. With exclusive content and intimate glimpses into their lives, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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