Author Donnette Burrows’ new book “Do You See Your Crown?” is a powerful and moving plan to overcome your fears using the power within

Donnette Burrows, who with her sister founded “Sistah Haven,” a book club that encourages women of all ages to read, has finished her new book, “Do You See Your Crown?” : an invaluable plan to overcome your fears and use your inner power to grow and transform your life.

“Have you ever sat down and wondered what really made you the person you are today? wrote Burrows. “We go through so much and never really take the time to fully overcome one pain before another comes crawling towards us. We’ve all struggled at some point in our lives with acceptance, insecurity, looks, or relationship issues that have impacted our mental state. You find yourself carrying the weight of all the guilt, shame, pain and disappointment that somehow changed your outlook on life. Focusing so much on the fight itself wouldn’t solve the problem when you should be focusing on improving yourself, which, in reality, is much easier said than done.

“While overcoming a struggle is difficult, the first step to overcoming any struggle is to recognize your struggle, identify what you need to do to heal from it, and take action. I myself have struggled over the years with anxiety and insecurities that kept me from living out loud; yes, I did and I still struggle with anxiety. Taking one small step at a time will result in large jumps in time to get you into the right position. Eventually you will look back and say, “I did this for me. I took this first step to overcome the struggle that kept me from living a full life and showing my full potential.

Published by Page Publishing, Donnette Burrows’ uplifting guide encourages readers to look within to fix what is within their control rather than letting fear and anxiety take over. Drawing on his own experiences, Burrows leaves readers the opportunity to develop their inner strength to overcome anything they face, from small inconveniences to monumental obstacles in life.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Do You See Your Crown?” in bookstores worldwide or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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