Charity founder Dewsbury wins major award at Yorkshire Choice Awards

Stevie Morley won Volunteer of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards

Stevie Morley, founder of Take Ten and Take Ten Youths, was nominated for Volunteer of the Year in 2020 but only received the award this month due to the event being postponed due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

The award ceremony also coincided with the band’s fourth anniversary.

Putting aside her own mental health issues, Stevie supports families who have been impacted by suicide or attempted suicide, helps anyone in need of mental health support, and raises mental health awareness every day.

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Take Ten is entirely voluntary, with the group doing their own fundraising to ensure they can continue the service.

Stevie said: “It’s been really strange to receive this award because we do what we do to keep me alive – that’s my goal.

“Even though I have my own swings and have my own sanity, it keeps me focused and going.

“I can’t believe the people of West Yorkshire voted for me to win this award.

“When I got there and there were all these amazing people who all did amazing things, you don’t really realize you’re one of them.

“My daughter and a few friends came with me to the awards night and I dedicated the award to a friend of mine who had committed suicide a few weeks before the event – it was a very overwhelming and surreal evening.

“Maybe it was my name they were shouting and maybe it was me who got that nomination, but it’s not because we’ve always been a team.

“Without the team that has surrounded me for four years, this would not have been possible.

“My team picked me up when I struggled and we work together through thick and thin.

Mental health is important and we are helping hundreds of people a day by the minute in schools, colleges and workplaces.

“We are always looking for new volunteers. There are lots of opportunities for people to help us and we desperately need funding – we have to keep going and without the funds we can’t keep going.

“To everyone who supports and nominates us, without you none of this is possible and it makes a huge difference.”

The Yorkshire Choice Awards take the opportunity to recognize and raise awareness of local people and independent businesses who are inspiring in their own way or in the markets they serve.

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