Charity provides essential service to mothers


Abbey Fouché, center, and his team provide an essential box for people in need. Photo provided.

A nonprofit charity is working hard to provide essentials for women and their families during the lockdown.

Mums Clique Charity is an approved essential social service that provides boxes of essentials to people across the country, including east Auckland, who are fighting for the lockdown.

Abbey Fouché, mother of four, founder and CEO, created the association in June 2019 and has been volunteering ever since.

Fouché launched the association after having faced many challenges.

“I had my child at [age] 18 years old and was in a domestic violence relationship, ”she said.

“Then I met my current husband and had premature twins. My last child was born with a heart defect and a whole host of allergies.

She quickly noticed the lack of support available for moms.

“Especially as a whole if you didn’t fit into a specific box, which is mental health or domestic violence.”

She told the Times she was surprised that there was no nonprofit in New Zealand whose main goal is to create communities for every mom.

Fouché then decides to create one herself.

“Mums Clique Charity is the first New Zealand charity to offer a comprehensive and comprehensive support service,” she says.

“I firmly believe that if every mother is well, her children and her family will be too.”

The association’s essential services box is individually packaged according to the needs of each mother and her family. Items may include diapers, wipes, infant formula, bottles, nursing supplies such as nipple creams or pads, baby food, vitamins, pregnancy tests, vitamins, baby clothes and blankets.

The public has the option to self-refer or to be referred by a family member or friend.

The charity is asking for help to cover the $ 16 in shipping and handling costs.

“If the family is not able to cover this cost, we do what we can to cover the cost so that we can provide the box for free,” explains Fouche.

“Or you can ask a professional to recommend you. “

This could be a social worker, doctor, maternal mental health nurse, Plunket worker, or counselor.

The association delivers the boxes all over the country.

It has been an essential social service since the first confinement.

In March 2021, 716 families were helped at an estimated cost of $ 61,000.

Outside of the lockdown, the association supports around 500 families per month with essential items through help boxes.

It also offers a 24/7 support group on Facebook called “The Mums Clique Chat”.

The online mothers’ community now numbers just under 40,000 women.

“We offer tips and events to facilitate friendships across the country,” Fouché says.

“Our goal is to offer a range of educational and informative blogs, infant CPR / first aid classes, self defense classes for women, and free downloadable resources for moms.

“The mom clique is convinced that every mom has the right to help if and when she needs it. “

To get an essential box set, go to and click on “ask for help”.

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