CHGO Sports joins Chicago sports media scene with ‘fan-centric approach’

Earlier this month, it was announced that Marc “Moose” Malusis was going to be the main sportscaster for WPIX-11. For the man who rose to prominence for his radio work at WFAN over the years, he will now provide viewers with their nightly updates on television.

Malusis was the guest of the last episode of the New York, New York with John Jastremski podcast on The Ringer. Being a TV sports presenter was something Malusis never imagined would happen and he spoke about the process by which it ended up happening thanks to someone he’s done digital work for in the past:

“It was a case where I got a call out of the blue. At that time, I was probably away 6-7 weeks after the show didn’t return to WFAN,” Malusis said. I got a call from Todd Ehrlich, who is the Executive Director of Sports at WPIX. I had done digital work for Todd a long time ago when he was at CBS.

“He called me and told me we had an opening at WPIX. I’d like to throw your hat in the ring. I’m not making any promises that you’ll get the job, but I’d like to submit and make a pitch for that you get the job. Can you get me a tape and can you get me a resume ASAP? That’s where the ball started rolling.

Giving updates on the news wasn’t something Malusis was used to doing. Even though he was doing anchor spots at SNY, it’s a new format for someone who’s used to talking on the radio or discussing current sports topics on TV.

“Honestly, at the time, I thought it was longer than anything because I had more experience in radio, a lot more experience in talk-style shows at SNY,” said Penalty. “I had done a lot of different things on SNY, but that was really what we had done. I anchored a few different shows here and there. When I started doing anchor replacements at SNY, that hadn’t really taken root.

As for what fans should expect when they turn on WPIX-11 to get their sports news, Malusis wants to bring new things to the table and he says the network is embracing that.

I did not expect to land with this opportunity. To be able to get this job and land on my feet like I did, I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to land at PIX-11,” he said. “They are ready to do a lot of different things. I will be able to express my personality a lot. I’ll try to be a little different to get through and they’re open to a lot of those ideas.

So what is Malusis looking forward to doing with this new position? For him, he wants to be at the big games rather than talking about it from home or from a studio. Here’s what he told Jastremski about what he’s looking forward to the most:

“I think I’m missing a big sporting event. To be at a championship parade, to be at a big game, to be at practice before Game 7. I never thought this opportunity would present itself. I will take the ball and run with it. I’m not afraid of hard work, sacrifice and time. To be at a big Yankees-Red Sox game in the Bronx, to be at a big game at Citi Field with Max Scherzer on the mound. I can not wait to be there.

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