Creator of “Sulli Deals” app arrested in Indore: Delhi Police


KPS Malhotra, DCP (Cyber ​​Cell) said: “We have apprehended Aumkareshwar Thakur from Indore for his role in the Sulli Deals case. During his questioning, he admitted to joining a trad group (Tradmahasabha) on Twitter in January 2020 and that the idea was to defame and troll Muslim women. He then developed the code for Sulli Deals on GitHub. Access to the application was with all members of the group. He shared the details of the app on his Twitter account. Photos of the Muslim women were uploaded by other members of the group.

The app targeted around 50-80 Muslim women as of July 2021 and was quickly removed by GitHub after several women have lodged a complaint with Delhi and Noida Police alleging that the app’s creators were misusing their photos to “auction” them online.

Police apprehended Thakur (25) from Indore on Saturday. Thakur was a BCA student at IPS Academy in Indore. Arrest comes days after Delhi police arrested a 21-year-old Niraj Bishnoi from Assam for allegedly creating a similar app on GitHub in December of last year. The app posted photos of over 100 Muslim women with objectionable remarks.

Thakur was arrested by Cyber ​​Cell in Delhi and is being questioned.

Aumkareshvara’s father Akhilesh Kumar Thakur, speaking of the arrest, said: “I was in Nagda on an official tour when two officers, dressed in civilian clothes, came to my home. They asked for Aumkareshvara, then asked him to accompany them with his cell phone and laptop. He was then taken to Delhi on a 19 hour flight. He added, “When I got home my youngest son told me there was something about a request. I had not been able to connect to my son until today. He told me he was safe. I’m sure he’s trapped in the business.

Hinting that there were bigger players involved, Rajya MP Sabha Digvijay Singh said: “These young people are just infantry. Bigger sharks poison their minds and pay them money. Catch the big fish.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Mandleshwar Thakur, Aumkareshvara’s brother, said: “My father was away when they came to arrest my brother. He was quite confident and also told the police that he was not involved and that he had been falsely accused. He had reason to be involved in such acts. We come from a well-settled family. My father is employed in a private company and we both work as well.

Mandleshwar works with a multinational in the IT sector.

He added that he and his brother had no social media presence for the past few years. “He has always been very busy with his work and has also undertaken many independent projects over the past four years. My mother has not eaten anything since Aumkareshvara was arrested.

(With contributions from Iram Siddique)


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