Customized container conversion kit to provide mental health support in Blackpool


A tailor-made support unit to help young men with mental health issues has been opened at the Blackpool-based charity Empowerment.

‘Elliot’s Place’, built by container conversion specialist S Jones Containers, was set up by the family of Elliot Taylor, a young man who committed suicide in 2020.

Working closely with Empowerment and the Elliot family, the S Jones Containers conversion team designed the custom 26m2 ‘L’ shaped unit from prefabricated modular container units.

Two insulated, glazed units with electricity have been specified by the conversion team to provide two spacious bedrooms that will provide immediate support services to young men with mental health issues.

Thanks to the unique “L” shape, the space can be divided into bedrooms to provide a wide range of mental health support services. This includes one-on-one peer mentoring, walk-in services for immediate support, and workshops for local community services such as Samaritans and local police forces.

Fundraising for Elliot’s Place began in October 2020 and a total of £ 20,000 was raised through charity walks, community crowdfunding and donations from local businesses.

Linzi Cason, Head of BESS Services and Community Engagement at Empowerment, said:

“It’s fantastic to see the final structure in place, ready to welcome the young men who really need our mental health supports.

“Over the long term, Elliot’s Place will be instrumental in how we help young men in our area struggling with mental health issues. Our mentors will help provide the Suicide Prevention Committee with an overview of what these young men are actually struggling with in their daily lives, and how we can help them in these struggles and therefore reduce the risk of suicide. Elliot’s Place will be a valuable tool in improving the well-being of men in Blackpool.

“We’re thrilled to have created a sanctuary where we can remember Elliot and celebrate his life, as well as a safe place where other young men can share their issues and ease their mental health issues.”

Andrew Capella, general manager of conversions at S Jones Containers, said:

“It goes without saying that mental health support services are a lifeline in communities, so we were keen to help when Empowerment approached us to help us create this much needed community space.

“One of the advantages of using 20 ‘modules is that they are versatile and can be pre-assembled, making site setup a bit easier, so it made sense that Elliot’s Place was built in using this method. After discussing the space requirements with Empowerment, we chose two insulated glass units with all electricity that would create the versatile “L” shaped space so that many people could use and enjoy the space.

“We are proud to have been able to work with Empowerment and Elliot’s family on such an important project. It’s great to see the completion of Elliot’s Place and to see the community come together to support the construction. We hope the container unit will provide sanctuary and support to those in need. “

Mike Taylor, Elliot’s father, added:

“We are very proud of all the work that has gone into creating Elliot’s Place.

“Elliot was a wonderful young man who we miss dearly, and making Elliot’s Place has been very bittersweet for us, family and friends. We take comfort in knowing that we created this center to help prevent other young men from feeling nowhere to turn to and losing their lives instead of getting the help they need.

“We would like to thank everyone who donated, everyone who did a great fundraising job and those in the local community for their help in building this brilliant facility. “

For more information on Elliot’s Place or on BESS Empowerment Services, please contact Linzi Cason at [email protected]

For more information on converting, leasing or selling containers, please contact S Jones Containers on 01922 741752 or email [email protected].

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