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Digital Asset, a software provider that helps companies create economic value through interconnected networks, reported another quarter of strong growth in the second quarter of 2022. The company continues to expand its presence among financial institutions and market infrastructures by exploring and investing in next-generation blockchain technology. The company has also made a number of key sales, engineering and marketing hires to support its rapid growth.

In the second quarter of 2022, Digital Asset experienced a significant increase in year-over-year customer growth, with the number of new customers tripling compared to the second quarter of 2021. These new customer relationships are almost Driven entirely by a growing interest in asset tokenization, with bond tokenization proving to be one of the initiatives that financial institutions are most eager to pursue.

“We have set the standard as a leader in tokenization across all asset classes and markets, and that position has made the past few quarters extremely exciting,” said Marc Silberstrom, chief sales officer at Digital Asset. “Institutions in all market segments, from central banks to private markets, continue to bring us more innovative projects that keep us ahead of the pack for blockchain innovation in the global economy.”

In one of the biggest announcements of the second quarter, Digital Asset revealed in May that SBI Holdings (SBI), a Tokyo, Japan-based financial services group, is now a strategic technology partner and new investor. In addition to the investment, SBI announced an agreement to establish a joint venture with Digital Asset, which is expected to officially launch later this year. The first collaboration between the two entities will be to pilot the Digital Asset concept for programmable money in the Japanese market through a “Smart Yen” initiative.

“It’s great to see so much activity around tokenization from market participants,” said Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset. “From unlocking new assets, users and markets to creating greater efficiencies, the opportunities for the industry are plentiful. We are excited to work with these new clients as we aim to build the future of financial markets together. Our goal is to firmly establish a global economic network of seamlessly interconnected platforms and users, transferring value safely and efficiently across markets, and we are pleased that more entities share this vision and join us on this journey.

Additionally, Digital Asset continues to lead the discussion on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This year in Davos, Digital Asset launched a new report, in partnership with Dr Giovanni Bandi, Researcher and Director of the Regulatory Genome Project at the University of Cambridge, detailing current CBDC standards and key technology and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the growth and adoption of the CBDC for cross-border payments and remittance flows. Digital Asset is actively engaged with central and commercial banks on these initiatives.

Digital Asset currently works with leading financial institutions, providers and market infrastructures, including ASX, Broadridge, Deutsche Börse, Cais, Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing and Nasdaq, among others.

Source: Digital Asset

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