Digital Marketing Specialist – Pedestrian Jobs

  • Work with iconic music products
  • Get noticed around the world
  • Flexible work environment


Roland has been producing innovative musical instruments for over 40 years. Roland products have been featured on many award-winning records and have defined entire genres. What would Hip Hop be without 808, or House music without 909? Underneath Roland is of course their Boss guitar brand, their pedals are must-haves for all guitarists from beginners to professional touring musicians. But you already knew that.


Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Help create, curate, post, and most importantly, promote Google’s social media channels and products and services brilliantly to ensure maximum engagement with our audience.
  • Run advertising campaigns from the Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads platforms.
  • Deploy global promotions locally to required standards and contribute to our digital marketing planning and execution in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Build relationships with external contributors, key informants or partners, ensuring content is on target and on time.
  • Contribute to the team’s marketing and content campaigns and help out where needed.


  • Includes applications of musical instruments and can relate to different types of musicians.
  • Plays at least one musical instrument, but has a very good general knowledge of drums, guitar, piano/keys, synthesizers and electronic dance music.
  • Has a good understanding of different social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, You Tube) and how to use them effectively to engage with their specific audiences.
  • Previous experience in managing advertising campaigns.
  • Ability to take ownership and take responsibility for projects; self-motivated and able to work unsupervised and meet strict deadlines.
  • The ability to build relationships with external contributors, key informants or partners, ensuring that content is in line with our objectives and on time.
  • Dependable and proactive “Whatever it takes” attitude.
  • Videography skills would be considered advantageous, as would bilingual ability.


  • We are a culture-driven organization that hires people, not skill sets. Working at Roland, you become part of a dynamic, like-minded team that is passionate about music. We’re excited when new music technology comes along.
  • The right people at Roland get noticed and there are opportunities for regional and global progression.
  • Roland gives you the opportunity to contribute to a higher purpose. We’re looking for people who make suggestions, actively contribute to bigger ideas, and want to be heard as an important member of a team. Trying new things/new ways is very strongly encouraged.
  • A flexible work environment, this role combines office and home working hours with the ability to adapt to your lifestyle. Based in Dee Why, Roland’s offices are 5 minutes from the beach, perfect for a lunch break in the sun or a swim after work.
  • Incredible job satisfaction and ownership of a territory. Given a territory in Asia, you will be able to make a significant difference in how people in that territory engage with the brand. Integrate the region from the start and see the increase in results accelerate.
  • The opportunity to work with musicians, both as colleagues and to create great content with artists and influencers in Australia and regionally.
  • Equipment loan!


Most importantly, we only employ people who fit the “Roland” culture, so having a “can-do” attitude is extremely important. Simply put, there are a lot of steps and a variety of different people involved when running a digital marketing campaign, so if someone drops the ball along the way and they’re in your power to fix it, we expect you to step in and help out.

The total package is $60,000 per year

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