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A bright blue tree along the Midland Highway near Perth is the inspiration behind a man’s charitable fundraiser. Scott Bent, a teacher at Queechy High School, will embark on “The Blue Trail”, a nine-day, 500-kilometer journey combining horseback riding and running from Dover to Devonport to raise awareness about mental health. The money raised during Mr. Bent’s trip will go to two charities aimed at improving mental health, Speak Up! Stay ChatTY and The Blue Tree Project. READ MORE: Dance plan hailed as step forward for Covid-19 restrictions Having faced his own mental health journey, he hopes to encourage men facing depression or anxiety to ask for help ‘aid. “I had my own mental health battles for a while, I guess, and found it very difficult to know what help I should ask for and who I should talk to,” Bent said. “I finally had the courage to reach out and ask for help and realized that guys in particular are sometimes bad enough at talking about things when it comes to emotions and what we are doing. let’s really feel. ”I was very caught in this trap. It’s about making sure that everything is okay not being well and it’s okay to ask for help and cry and get the help and support they need. daily reminder to assess his mental health. READ MORE: Launceston Glass Artist Recognized in American Exhibition “The Big Blue Tree on the Road to Longford was a great inspiration to me.” It’s a great reminder, “said Mr Bent.” I live in Perth and walk past all the time and it’s a good reminder for me to check in with myself and how I’m doing and check in with my friends too and make sure they are on the right track. The Blue Tree Project is a global initiative in which trees are painted blue to encourage conversation or reflection about mental health. “The Big Blue Tree Project is a bold initiative. It captures people’s attention and when people walk past it makes them think. It really reminds you of sanity in a visual way, ”said Mr. Bent. Starting on New Years Day 2022, Mr. Bent’s journey is expected to last nine days, with careful planning and support on hand to take on the enormous task. READ MORE: Teacher assistants have 10 days to comply with immunization mandate “I have planned exactly where I will go and I run each day, I know where I am staying each night. I will do an average of 25 kilometers of racing per day and 40 kilometers by bike. By following the Tasmanian Trail, Mr. Bent encourages others to join parts of the journey. “I have some really great people who have stepped up. and told me they would come do a certain section with me, ”he said. “I have people who have said they will ride alongside me and I’m lucky to have mum and dad supporting me all the way with my gear. If anyone wants to run or ride with me, they are more than welcome. Mr. Bent’s main support will be his loyal companion Sammy, a short-haired German pointer. “Sammy boy will be doing sections of the race with me. He’s training with me right now and he’s a lot fitter than me, so maybe he is leading the way. up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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