Get Balance is the perfect self-help book with all the media-Dr. Lady Munni Irone

Awaken Your Inner Balance is the Get Balance book that will help you find, manifest, and live a life full of personal empowerment, self-discovery, and life-changing events. This is the best self help book for men and women.

Humanitarian, philanthropist, global peace leader, human rights advocate and outstanding author, Dr. Dame Munni Irone recently published the book Get Balance which has earned her much admiration and respect. On its first day of publication, the book surpassed all sales records and became Amazon’s 39 best-selling title, beating all previous marks.
In this book, the reader will learn how to choose a life path that helps him achieve harmony in his spiritual, personal and professional life.

Description du livre: Get Balance is a resource for spiritual growth as well as self-improvement. Based on her amazing and life-changing experiences, Dr. Dame Munni Irone has written a book to help others learn to deal with life’s ups and downs and awaken their spiritual principles.

To help people understand and appreciate the value of living in the present now, Dr. Dame Munni has launched Get Balance, which she hopes will serve as a role model for many women who have had life-altering experiences. their life. Everything else is just a waste of time and energy.
A guide to the ideas that Dr Dame Munni followed throughout her life that enabled her to live the life she has is what you will find in this book, not another self help book. Even though she owns two exclusive luxury mansions surrounded by aristocrats, she maintains a lack of attachment to material things. She can do all this because she knows human beings and the facts of life.

Get Balance is full of stories that will make you laugh and cry, but they also reveal the extraordinary journey of this exceptional woman and the pearls of wisdom that hide on every page. Get Balance is an easy-to-read self-help book with a positive message that everyone can take something away from. This book was for people like you, and for anyone who
wants to make a better life.

Munni has achieved her life’s purpose and figured out how to put all of her many puzzles together. She hopes her book will help millions realize that “Peace Begins With Me!” and that “You are master of your destiny!”

We have downloaded this book and my students will benefit from this book. Many discussions are
already take place. Many people teach but she shares her stories with her success
stories and my students connect with it.

When Dame Munni said, her purpose convinced us of her mission and her intention to bring
change. These students are going to be the best leaders with a knowledge of the book and they will understand
the life. It’s the best gift she gave to our school.

Before long, this book will be used by teachers and students. Teaching others is different
then live and share.
1. His Royal Highness Alhaji (Dr) Yahaya Abubakar.
2. Pastor OM Paseda, the principal college of Christ the Redeemer,
3. Pastor S. Adewumi. Redeemer International School
4. Owner. Ms. Christy Iwuaba Living in Spring College
5. Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engineering and Technology
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