Get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible for free


If you’ve recently purchased new headphones, now is the perfect change to get free, high-quality audio entertainment for the next three months. Amazon is currently offering a free three-month combo trial of Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible.. Once the trial is complete, you’ll pay $ 10 per month for Amazon Music Unlimited and $ 15 per month for Audible. If you’re not interested in paying, be sure to cancel before the trial period ends. This deal ends Thursday, September 30, just before midnight Pacific Time.

Amazon Music Unlimited has a massive library of over 75 million songs in CD-quality audio, including 7 million songs in 24-bit high-resolution audio. You even have access to thousands of immersive Dolby Atmos Music tracks, as long as you’re listening with compatible equipment (like Amazon Echo Studio). A subscription also gives you offline listening rights, unlimited skips, playlists, stations and podcasts.

Audible, meanwhile, offers a treasure trove of audiobooks, perfect for catching up with the classics, listening to your favorite non-fiction books, or diving into that self-help title everyone’s talking about. Audible does not have all audiobook, but it contains most of the titles that matter.

With Audible, you have access to a song of your choice every month. You also get 30% off select titles if one book a month isn’t enough, and Audible also offers podcasts.

If you already have Amazon Fire tablets at home, Amazon Music and Audible will integrate perfectly with these devices. No fire equipment? Simply download the respective apps for Android and iOS.

Either way, this three-month dual-subscription trial is a great way to keep the tunes (and books) going until the end of the year.

[Today’s deal: Amazon Music and Unlimited and Aubible free for three months.]

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