Grand Blanc Township Police Department Completes ‘One Mind’ Mental Health Initiative | Local

GREAT WHITE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) – Improving police responses for people with mental health issues.

The Grand Blanc Township Police Department recently completed what is called the “One Mind” campaign.

The campaign focuses on mental health training for officers and partnering with local agencies to ensure people with mental illness have access to the right resources for help.

In recent years, mental health has been a topic of interest and attention just about everywhere you look, including jobs, education, the pandemic, and law enforcement.

“We meet people and talk to people every day, but what we don’t know initially is the type of person they are in terms of whether they’re in pain or going through some kind of crisis. mental health,” Chief Ron Wiles said.

This means things like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, the list goes on.

The police department of the municipality of Grand Blanc is therefore proactive on this subject.

Chief Wiles said the department recently completed and implemented a mental health training initiative called One Mind.

It consists of four promises

“We need to have a strong policy to respond to people with mental health issues. Secondly we need to have a partnership with a local mental health provider, in this case it’s Genesee Health Systems and they’ve been a great partner through it” he said.

Chief Wiles goes on to say that officers must undergo training in mental health awareness and first aid and that 20% of sworn staff must be CIT or crisis intervention team trained.

Think of a mind as an additional lens or tool that officers can use to assess situations they might be in and where someone’s mental health might be at risk.

“With law enforcement, our job is not just to arrest people. We care about our residents in the community we serve. We want to get them the help they need. This partnership with Genesee Health System, our policy and our training help give people with mental health issues or going through a mental health crisis — the help they need to get better,” he said.

The Grand Blanc Township Police Department is the 8th law enforcement agency in the state to complete and implement One Mind training.

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