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Hello, my name is Ezekiel. I am a senior at OPRF High School and Executive Director of A Step in the Right Direction, a student organization that aims to walk 5,000,000 steps (2,500 miles) for mental health on Sunday, September 25. I would like to share with you some information about this challenge.

A little over a year ago, my friend Jackson and I walked 100,000 steps in one day and raised $15,000 for mental health charities NAMI and Thrive, so we decided to expand on this idea this year. But instead of walking alone, we created an event where everyone is invited to walk and log their steps on our website during the day of the event. I reached out to five people in now partner cities across the country where students are marching for the cause. These coordinators are in charge of their locations and we set a national collective goal of 5,000,000 steps in those 24 hours.

Locally in Oak Park, we were able to reserve a physical location for this walk. The high school has agreed to provide us with the outdoor track on rue du lac starting at 5:30 p.m. (probably until 7:30 p.m.) so we will be hosting an event with tables, food, etc. to raise awareness, fundraise, and raise calves for mental health.

Money raised in Chicagoland is donated to NAMI Metro Suburban and Thrive Counseling Center, organizations that provide 24/7 crisis support, psychiatric help, therapy and more resources to the community. We think mental health is an overlooked issue, so we think it would be really cool to use the connection between getting out/exercise and mental health to host an event.

We have also worked closely with the business community and have five business sponsors in Oak Park and Forest Park, and we also promote our event through these organisations.

We’re excited to engage the community in any way we can, and if you like the story, we can’t wait to get back to you.


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