Hideo Kojima criticizes digital media


As physical media increasingly become a thing of the past, Hideo Kojima is concerned about the downsides of digital media.

It is safe to say that Hideo Kojima is one of the most distinctive figures in the gaming industry. Aside from being the primary creative force behind titles such as the Solid metal gear series and Death stranding, Kojima has also become known to be one of the most outspoken developers, and he exemplified that this week by making no mistake about his take on digital media.

Media is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to changing tastes, and the ways in which people access it mostly change. On media such as video games, movies, and television, this has become evident with the importance that digital media has become over the past decade. One need only look at how massively digital game sales are these days to see how the age of CDs, DVDs, and game cartridges is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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You could argue it’s for the best, as it has made media more accessible than ever before, but Kojima thinks differently. Recently, on his personal Twitter account, he showed off a new CD he bought, taking the opportunity to lament that “CDs will be gone soon”. He then sent out a few tweets to express his frustration with how individuals will ultimately be unable to own digital media “on their own.”

Developing further, Kojima expressed concern about how any “major change or accident in the world”, be it upheavals in governments, trends or even ideas, could lead to the risk that of people being cut off from their digital media. While Kojima is concerned about major events, things on a smaller scale can prove to be just as damaging to consumers’ ability to access digital titles. This is especially true with video games, as closing an online storefront is enough to make many older digital games completely inaccessible.

This is a problem some Kojima fans are experiencing, thanks to TP, the influential playable teaser of Kojima’s canceled Silent hills project. After he left Konami, the teaser was pulled from PlayStation Store, forcing fans to keep it on their hard drives, lest they risk losing it forever. While fans have found unofficial ways to redownload TP Over the years, the fact remains that, for the most part, there are no longer any new fans to try.

Over the past decade, consumers have flocked to the convenience of media accessible from the Internet that does not take up physical space. At the same time, however, this comes at the expense of personal property and the risk of losing their favorite titles. Showcases that games love TP existing on may remove titles or shut down altogether, and subscription services like Netflix and Xbox Game Pass may remove titles on what may seem like a whim. As such, it’s understandable why people, including Kojima, would prefer physical media that, while less convenient, they can at least call their own.

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