Jackson VA staff travel to Indonesia…virtually

The staff at GV (Sonny) Montgomery VA knows how to handle it. More than 160 employees laced up their walking shoes and set out on foot in Indonesia during a four-week Step into Whole Health challenge.

During the challenge – which ran from May 1 to May 31 – staff collectively walked an impressive 23,319,191 steps, the equivalent of more than 11,000 miles, according to challenge organizer Shawana Jones.

“Walking is an amazing way to improve your health, manage stress, and fit self-care into the workday,” Jones said. “Throughout the month, staff were encouraged to get active and compete to see who would finish the month with the most steps taken. Our next goal is to continue the challenge of the steps and to go around the world.

Traveled five million kilometers more than its competitors

Although the staff exceeded their step goal, they collectively walked nearly five million more steps than competing facilities.

The graph shows the number of steps from Jackson, Mississippi to Jakarta

Staff psychologist and overall health champion Dr Ashley King-Profit said research shows exercise is important and can improve overall health and well-being. Walking is an economical and simple way for staff and veterans to move their bodies.

Veterans Who Walk Choose to Live in Integral Health

“Walking also allows veterans to set a specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and timed (SMART) goal and take small steps toward the goal,” King-Profit said. “Walking can also help improve other areas of the Circle of Health, such as enabling veterans to experience and enjoy a natural environment and to build relationships with family, friends and co-workers if they walk with others. When veterans choose to take a step, they choose to experience overall health. »

The GV (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center includes the medical center and community outpatient clinics in Columbus, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Kosciusko, McComb, Meridian and Natchez. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, we provide a variety of outpatient medical services to more than 54,000 veterans and other eligible beneficiaries in central Mississippi.

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