Jaguar Attacks Crocodile Swimming In Water, Internet Says ‘How Powerful’

The image shows the jaguar grabbing the crocodile from its neck.

The law of the jungle wants the fittest to survive. And that also applies to apex predators. A video that has gone viral on social media shows exactly that. In the footage, which reappeared on Twitter, a Jaguar is seen chasing a crocodile by the side of a river. Shared by a user named Figen on Monday, the video was originally posted by another user named Vahsi Hayatlar on Twitter two years ago but is now going viral.

“OMG what power,” read the post’s caption.

The now-viral video shows the Jaguar using its stalk and ambush strategy while approaching the crocodile. The big cat is first seen hiding among the branches and bushes near the river, with full focus on the crocodile. He then suddenly jumps on the crocodile floating in the water and attacks it.

In the 42-second clip, the two fierce wild animals can further be seen fighting an intense battle for survival. The Jaguar wins the battle, emerging from the river with the Crocodile’s neck in its jaws.

The video has received 2.6 million views and over 27,000 likes since it was shared. About 4,800 users shared the video on Twitter.

“Jaguar jaw strength is amazing. Strongest of all big cats,” one user wrote.

A second user said, “Jaws and Neck!! Amazing!”

“Shit, dinner and luggage. I must have been really hungry,” a third user commented.

In another stunning video, which appeared online earlier this month, killer whales were seen launching repeated violent attacks on each other at a Sea World in the United States. The gruesome clip was captured by a San Diego water park visitor and shared on social media by animal rights group PETA.

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