Jewel explains where her positive mindset comes from

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The four-time Grammy-nominated singer Jewel recently opened up about her journey and life story on Sherri Shepherd’s talk show. The singer is an outspoken advocate for mental health, raising awareness through defiance not alone.

Jewel was homeless when she got her first record deal

Having humble beginnings is a common beginning for most celebrities and high profile artists today and Jewel is no different. Since then, the folk music icon has graced the world with more than three decades of memorable and heartwarming songs.

When he appeared on Cheri, the talk show host began by pointing out Jewel’s great sense of humor. Jewel explained that people who have been through the toughest times use humor to deal with their experiences.

Subsequently, Jewel began sharing details about her life growing up in Homer, Alaska and leaving home at just 15 years old. She found herself homeless one day after refusing to provide sexual favors to a former boss. She was left to sleep in her car, which was unfortunately stolen from her, forcing her to sleep on the streets.

Meanwhile, she was discovered performing on the same streets, making ends meet. The two went on to talk about the singer’s newfound fame at the time and how it was something she didn’t know how to handle properly. Next, Shepherd talked about the singer’s latest album, freewheeling woman, which comes after a seven-year hiatus. The long break was taken so that Jewel could focus on her family as she prioritizes her work.

She has her own mental health awareness campaign

Continuing on the topic of mental health, Jewel announced #NotAloneChallenge in partnership with iHeartRadio. Jewel is a strong advocate for awareness and strives to provide effective solutions for mental health.

The campaign’s mission is to raise funds to provide free mental health resources to those in need. Studies show that nearly 50% of Americans lack access to mental health resources and tools. Jewel plans to solve this problem by allowing fans to offer “heroic” items for auction, ranging from handmade art to actual donations that are accepted with full gratitude.

At the same time, part of the profits will be donated to other foundations aimed at helping young people in difficulty. Jewel will do her part to make a difference in the issues that can affect anyone in the world today. This admirable part of herself is what gives her the charisma she has maintained for many years.

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