Llanfyllin leader praises ‘incredible opportunity’ as students earn thousands for charity

Ysgol Llanfyllin STUDENTS are making a difference by tackling social issues and supporting local charities.

The work was part of a school competition where students developed pitches for funding as part of a program provided by social action charity First Give.

Grade 9 students sought support from charities of their choice, competing in a school final in which judges viewed student presentations about each charity and their work.

Dewi Owen, headmaster of Ysgol Llanfyllin School, admitted he was delighted with the outcome of the project.

He said: “It has been an incredible opportunity for our young people to take the lead on important issues within our community.

“I was amazed at their level of confidence when they presented their final findings to their entire age group.

“The First Give project has had an extremely positive effect on our entire school family. Congratulations to the winning team and to all the students who participated.

The final took place on Friday February 4 and would determine which class would receive a £1,000 First Give grant for their charity.

The eventual winners were the DPJ Foundation, a mental health charity that supports people in the agricultural sector, represented by class 9A En2.

The students raised awareness of the mental health charity by organizing a Wear Wellies day, hosting an online assembly and promoting information about the charity on the school website.

A special mention was also given to the 9A En1 students, who supported Shelter Cyrmu, for the animation they created in their presentation.

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