Loomis Park dedicated to the tireless advocate for affordable housing


Scott Loomis was hired as Executive Director of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust in 2001. 20 years later he retired. His staff hosted a small retirement party in his honor Friday at Silver Creek Village, where they unveiled the sign for one of the development’s completed parks: Loomis Park.

The first residents of the 1,300-unit Silver Creek Village located just southeast of the US 40 and Interstate 80 interchange have moved in. Over 300 of the units under construction are considered affordable. Mountainlands Community Housing has already completed 32 condos from the Central Village project with 32 more under construction as well as 40 additional apartments.

Mountainlands also purchased land from the owner on which 18 single-family homes will be built as part of the non-profit organization‘s self-help program, in which owners’ equity is used as a down payment.

Mountainlands Chairman of the Board, Bob Richer, has credited Loomis with creating over 600 affordable units in a challenging development environment. Loomis, he said, is a man of action – he builds affordable units.

“No one has done more than Scott Loomis to help alleviate the affordable housing shortage in our community,” said Richer. “He was a true champion of the Mountainlands mission and his work has impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Loomis is replaced as Ex. Director by Pat Matheson, whom Loomis hired upon leaving university. At the time, Mountainlands, Matheson said, was a small and rambling organization, but important.

“We are doing good things in the community,” Matheson said. “Working under Scott and being mentored and trained by him has been one of the greatest privileges of my life and I really mean it.”

He added that Mountainlands, and especially Loomis, have helped change lives.

“I don’t know if Scott would tell you that, but as he travels around town over the years – 20 years as an executive director – people come up to him, ‘Scott Loomis, you changed my life – you m ‘put a home and your organization changed the trajectory of my life forever’ and I know that has happened many times, ”said Matheson.

The new park, now referred to as Loomis Park, will be a lasting tribute honoring Loomis’ tireless efforts. Loomis said he was honored – and surprised – by the gesture.

“It wasn’t what I expected – I knew they were going to have a retirement party and that was about it, and I was happy to see the people here, but having a park is something beyond my expectations, ”said Loomis.

Loomis and his wife Carol will split their time between Park City and Tucson. He will remain as a senior consultant with the organization until the end of 2022.

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