Making mental health and wellbeing a global priority starts at home in October

  • Mental Health Ireland explains how to get involved this World Mental Health Month

Mental Health Ireland is running an interactive campaign in October aimed at protecting and improving mental health in communities, schools and workplaces across the country.

October is World Mental Health Month, with World Mental Health Day taking place on October 10. This year’s theme, defined by the World Health Organization, is “Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority”.

Mental Health Ireland brings this global campaign to Irish communities with a program of events, training opportunities and a national webinar to launch their new workplace policy and toolkit.

Throughout the month of October, individuals, groups and organizations can attend training events, connected cafes as well as fundraising events held in their communities.

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CEO Martin Rogan said:

Every October 10, World Mental Health Day, we celebrate how far we have come and take this key opportunity to highlight where we continue to improve national awareness and understanding of mental health. We are proud to bring this global campaign to Irish communities in October.

In line with our three-year strategy, Mental Health for All, Hope-Force-Actionthis year’s theme focuses on mental health as a global priority because we all have mental health and Mental Health Ireland strives to make it as important a priority as physical health, he said .

Deputy Chief Executive Catherine Brogan added: “This year we have created a bespoke website dedicated to World Mental Health Month which allows easy access and navigation to promote the program of ongoing events and activities. . We are excited to see that community groups, schools, colleges and workplaces are already making their plans to mark the month by getting involved. We have a wide range of resources and packs to download and purchase and all funds raised will help us continue to strengthen and grow mental health in our communities”

As October is Mental Health Awareness Month, the charity will continue its work to protect and improve mental health and reduce stigma throughout the year through its mental health associations led by volunteers and national campaigns such as Blossom and Hello how are you?

To get involved and support mental health this October, visit or email [email protected]


About Mental Health Ireland

Founded in 1966, Mental Health Ireland is the oldest mental health charity in Ireland. Throughout our history, we and mental health associations have played a central role in reshaping the way the public understands mental health challenges, giving practical expression to national policy goals. We have development workers across the country who link with our network of mental health associations, volunteers and community groups, promoting mental health and supporting recovery in their communities. Mental Health Ireland is now also the employer of people working in recovery education and peer-led community services across the country.

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