Maxene Magalona on self-healing pain

Maxene Magalona toasts “to all the strong and brave souls who continue to rise up and show themselves even when it’s hard due to life’s problems”.

The actress has always been open about her mental health issues. This time, she emphasizes “healing” and talks about her personal experience.

Her latest Instagram post reads: “Everyone goes through something and what we need to do is learn to hold space for each other so we can help each other heal.

“I feel for those who are struggling with a mental health issue because it’s really not easy to deal with internal turmoil on a daily basis. What people who don’t have a mental health issue have to What’s wrong with understanding is that it’s a constant struggle to come face to face with your inner demons while having to deal with the responsibilities of life.

Maxene continues, “It’s not easy not to feel safe in your own body due to past traumas and to be in shape to be able to handle everyday tasks. That’s why I had to find ways to manage my condition and its consequences. symptoms so I can get on with my life.

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“There was no way I was letting this ‘problem’ take over my life and make me miserable.”

In her own “self-healing journey”, Maxene says that “reading self-help books, going to therapy, keeping a journal, practicing yoga and meditation every day, and having a strong relationship with God” taught him to “manage and live with my mental health.”

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Maxene acknowledges that it’s “not the easiest way”, but that’s why she has now learned to respect herself more.

The post continues: “I know the amount of effort and hard work I put into healing and improving myself. I know the kind of pain I choose to face and feel and not not run away. It makes me stand tall and proud of the strong and brave soul that I have become.”

Maxene ends her message by encouraging her fellow “self-healers”.

“If you are one of us self-healers choosing to walk this difficult path, I raise my glass and vibration to you. If you want a drink or two so you can ease any pain you may feel, please go ahead and do it.

“I understand how stressful these times can be, so I know how fun it is to drink our troubles away. But before you do, make sure you’ve already released some negative energy so you don’t have it. remove it and turn it into even more stored pain. Cheers!”

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Wedding on the rocks?

Earlier this year, eagle-eyed followers saw that Maxene was unfollowing her hubby, musician Rob Mananquil, on Instagram.

On top of that, the ABS-CBN star removed her husband’s last name from her social media bio.

Maxene also took a solo trip to Boracay over the holidays. Her messages revealed that she had gone to the beach to “heal”.

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On January 8, 2022, Maxene remembered her church wedding date with a family photo.

Three days later, on January 11, Maxene recalled the date of her beach wedding by recalling when she first wore her Vera Wang wedding dress.

She particularly thanked her mother-in-law Millet Martinez-Mananquil, who gave her the dress.

This January would have marked Maxene and Rob’s fourth anniversary as a married couple.


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