Mayor’s charity challenge for mental health

Adviser Robin Pote. Pic: JustGiving

Former teacher and first citizen of Ludlow, City Councilor Robin Pote, challenges all newcomers to drive as many miles as possible during the week for Ludlow Young Health.

And he’s doubled his own goal of going 50 miles in seven days to over 100.

It could be cycling, running, walking or swimming and getting sponsored. There is also a JustGiving page for donations.

Councilor Pote said: “I originally intended to cycle 50 miles in the week, but decided to double the distance to over 100 because I have to push myself to encourage others to cycle. participate, to provide much needed mental health support to young people. people in our community. “

The association, supported by Hands Together Ludlow, will aim to support the mental health of young people aged 10 to 25 who are currently struggling to live, especially in the post-pandemic and climate threatened world in which they find themselves. now. .

The week begins on Saturday September 18 and ends on the following Friday September 24.

Ludlow Young Health’s goal is to continue to provide a mental health intake service to young people, their families and health professionals. The goal is to tackle the loneliness and isolation, concerns about work in school, college or university, and the breaking of the routine that the pandemic has created.

Funds raised will support young people between the ages of 10 and 25 and will focus on a range of supports to improve emotional health and well-being, as well as a mentoring program.

Councilor Pote said: “As a former teacher and grandparent, I am very aware of the pressures on young people in the post-pandemic and climate-threatened world that is frequently in the news.

“Young people who have endured a lost year of schooling, who may be struggling with their social skills and who don’t have the right person to talk to need a place where they feel able to address their issues.

The main aim of Hands Together Ludlow is to provide assistance to vulnerable people in and around the town of Ludlow, recognizing that existing charities and statutory agencies are themselves increasingly under pressure due to financial constraints. .

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