Personal data in any financial institution can be used for different purposes: risk analysis to confirm your ability to pay, your geographic location to check accessibility, your name and date of birth to validate that you are an effective candidate to use the secure loans or personal loans.

In CashMan we take care of your personal data

In CashMan we take care of your personal data

There is always a reason why an institution asks you for personal information. However, it is also your responsibility as a user to ensure that you are providing your sensitive information to a serious company that will responsibly take care of all your data. Sometimes it’s not just that they have good faith, but that they have the technological infrastructure to properly take care of your information from any cyberattack.

At CashMan we have that solid infrastructure and we take care of the information we request so that you can receive your secure loans. We will never give it to a third party that could put your private life at risk. The use that we give to your data is strictly commercial: to offer you the most convenient insurance loans and to make the credit analysis of the candidates who request secure loans .

Don’t put your assets at risk


Another reason why we ask you for some information is so that it is not necessary for you to commit any object. CashMan’s secure loans work differently than pawn shops.

In a pawn shop they ask you very few things because the object you are going to leave in their possession is more than enough to cover the risk involved in giving you the cash equivalent to secure loans . In fact, as a general rule, the object you are leaving as a guarantee is always more valuable. In this way, the risk assumed by the pawn institution is minimal (that’s where your business is).

CashMan’s secure loans work differently. You will not have to risk any object of monetary and / or sentimental value and you will be able to receive the cash you need to cover your specific need.

Great variety in the Mexican market

Great variety in the Mexican market

One of the great advantages that we are experiencing today with the penetration of the internet in our society is that we have a giant range of offers to approach us to request any type of service or secure loans such as CashMan’s. You have the opportunity to investigate, ask, compare and make an informed decision.

In Mexico there are some new institutions that are entering the world of microfinance or secure loans. Some of them are very valid, but others not so much … Better not to take risks with companies or institutions without support.

At CashMan we have an international presence that gives us the strength and experience you need to feel safe.

Our task is to provide you with all that information that guarantees your privacy and security so that your effort is to solve your daily life and not deal with a financial institution … Do you remember the concerns that traditional banks give you every day? Our philosophy in CashMan with secure loans is different. We want to make your life easier and support you in your economic growth by helping you achieve your goals.

Apply for your secure CashMan loans today feeling protected and secure.