Poll: Athletic’s teen appeal soars, led by Nike and Lululemon

Activewear awareness hit record highs among teens in Piper Sandler’s Spring 2022 Taking Stock With Teens survey.

Nike has remained the favorite clothing and footwear brand for teenagers. Among other active lifestyle brands, Lululemon, Crocs, Hey Dude and Champion all boosted their appeal, while Vans stood out for losing ground with demographics.

Piper Sandler’s 43rd biannual report, Taking Stock With Teens, surveyed 7,100 teens across the United States to explore their discretionary spending habits and brand preferences. The survey was conducted between February 16 and March 22, 2022.

Sports brand mindshare accounted for 44% of high-income teens’ favorite clothing brands, up 600 basis points from its Spring 2021 survey and the most 300 basis points. The high mind share for athletics in the clothing space was 41% in fall 2017.

The sartorial-minded share gains were driven primarily by Nike holding a 29% share among high-income teens, up from 25% last spring and fall.

Nike Reigns is the most popular clothing brand among teenagers
Nike remained the No. 1 clothing brand for teens, having held the top spot for 11 consecutive years. This spring, he captured 30% of teen votes. Before taking the lead in the spring of 2011, several action sports brands appealed the most to teens from 2008 to 2010, Hollister was top from 2005 to 2008, and Abercrombie & Fitch was the most popular teen clothing brand at the start. of this century.

In Piper Sandler’s Spring 2022 survey, American Eagle remains in second place with a 7% share, flat sequentially and year-over-year.

Lululemon rose from 4th favorite clothing brand last year to 3rd place and ranked 3rd among middle-income teens and 2nd among high-income teens.

H&M fell from No. 9 with a 2% apparel share last spring to No. 4 in its latest survey with a 4% share.

Adidas ranked #5 among all teens’ favorite clothing brands with a 4% mind share, dropping from #4 to a 5% mind share in its fall 2021 survey .

Of the other brands that landed on the top 10 list for apparel mindshare, those that lost ground included PacSun, slipping to 6 with a 3% mindshare from No. 2 to one share. 5% in fall 2021. Shein and Hollister also lost ground while Vans fell off the top 10 clothing brand share list.

Among male teens, Nike led as the preferred clothing brand with a 45% market share, followed by Adidas at 6%; American Eagle, 6%; Champion, 3%; H&M, 3%; Under Armour, 3%; Hollister, 2%; vans, 2%; Lululemon, 2%; and Ralph Lauren, 2%.

Among teenage girls, Nike also tops the list of favorite clothing brands, at 14%; followed in the Top 10 by American Eagle, 11%; Lululemon, 9%; Shein, 6%; PacSun, 6%; H&M, 5%; Urban Outfitters, 3%; Forever 21. 3 percent; Zara, 2%; and Hollister, 2%.

Among high-income adolescents, preferences for men’s favorite clothes were similar to those of all men. This year, Lululemon emerged as the #1 brand for upper-income teenage girls with 14% market share, up 400 basis points year over year. Lululemon tied for first place last year with PacSun. Nike was third behind American Eagle and Lululemon in appeal among upper-income teenage girls in this year’s survey.

The survey also found teen clothing spending averaged $560 per year, up 5% sequentially and 10% year-over-year. Women spent $228 more than men compared to $186 last fall. Women’s spending increased 15% year over year and men’s spending 8% year over year.

Athletic Footwear Mindshare Driven by Continued Winning with Teen Girls
The story continues to be of significant mind-share gains with teenage girls over the past decade in athletic footwear.

According to the latest survey, 85% of high-income teenage girls preferred an athletic shoe brand, up 300 basis points year over year and 700 basis points over the past two years. The 85% mind share for teen athletic shoes was the second highest after Piper’s fall 2021 survey at 86%.

The athletic shoe market share among high-income women was about 25% a decade ago in the spring of 2002.

Teenage males showed a greater preference for athletic shoes as the population turned to sneakers when they became popular in the 70s and 80s. In Piper’s latest survey, 88% of men prefer an athletic shoe brand, flat year-over-year and up 100 basis points from Spring.

Among brands, Nike’s leading margin as a preferred footwear brand widened, gaining 400 basis points year-over-year and capturing 60%. Nike also increased market share among teenage males for their favorite shoe brand and increased market share to 63% from 59% year-over-year. Nike/Jordan were also the #1 fashion trend among teenage boys.

Converse, owned by Nike, Inc, overtook Vans and Adidas to take second place as the preferred footwear brand, with 8% market share, up from 4% to 7% in fall 2021.

Adidas continued to rank at No. 3, although its mind share fell to 8%, from 9% in fall 2021 and spring 2021 and 11% in fall 2020. Vans, which is owned by VF Corp., fell to No. 4, losing 400 basis points of awareness as the favorite shoe brand among all teens and 600 basis points among high-income teens.

Crocs was the No. 6 favorite shoe brand this spring, up from eighth last year and sixth last fall; this is notable considering Nike has gained 400 basis points year over year in footwear. Crocs ranked #7 for high-income teens. Among all women, Crocs ranked #5 for favorite shoe brand.

Hey Dude, a casual brand recently acquired by Crocs, Inc., was the 9th favorite shoe brand, including 7th among all teenage girls.

New Balance ranked No. 5 with a 1% share, improving from No. 7 in fall 2021, while Dr. Martens improved slightly to land at No. 8, while Birkenstock has fallen off the top 10 list when it comes to shoe preference.

Under Armor has returned to the Top 10 favorite teen shoe brands after falling last fall. The Spring 2021 Top 10 ranking was the first time Under Armor ranked in the Top 10 footwear since Fall 2019.

The study found that teenagers’ spending on shoes averaged $300 a year from $270 a year last spring, up 11% year-over-year, led by women, in 16% increase; and men, ahead of 7 percent. Despite a women-led spending recovery, men still outspend women on shoes by $51 a year.

Other study findings:

  • Top 10 Fashion Trends Right Now (High Income Teen Girls, Women): Leggings/Lululemon is still the #1 trend at 35%, up 1,200 basis points year over year, with many survey respondent responses ranging from flared leggings to ripped leggings. Nike/Jordans gained 100 basis points from #4 to #3 year over year while sportswear lost 100 basis points from #7 to #8. Top Ten Trends hot right now: Leggings/Lululemon, 35%; Jeans, 8%; Nike/Jordan, 8%; Baggy/saggy pants, 6%; crop tops, 5%; Mom Jeans, 3 percent; Hair trends, 3%; Sportswear, 2%; Hoodies, 2%; Comfort shirts/outerwear (tied for ten), 1%.
  • Top 10 fashion trends right now (high income teens, men): Mentions of Nike/Jordan regain the top spot and gain 800 basis points in mind share year over year to 23%. Athletic Wear, while remaining No. 2, rose 12%, down 100 basis points year over year but up 300 basis points sequentially. Mentions of Lululemon appeared on the top 10 list for the first time with high-income men. Top ten fashion trends: Nike/Jordans, 23%; Sportswear, 12%; Flannels, 10%; Hoodies, 7%; Sweatshirts, 4%; Hair trends, 3%; Hats, 3% (tied at six); Jogging pants, 3%; Baggy/saggy pants, 2%; Leggings/Lululemon, 2%.
  • Top five favorite activewear brands (high-income teens, both genders): Nike, 55%; Lululemon, 19%; Adidas, 6%; Under Armour, 5%; GymShark, 3%.
  • Top five favorite activewear brands (high-income men): Nike, 66%; Adidas, 9%; Under Armour, 7%; Lululemon, 4%; GymShark, 3%.
  • Top five favorite activewear brands (high-income women): Nike, 42%; Lululemon, 39%; GymShark, 3%; Adidas, 3%; American Eagle, 3%.
  • Top five favorite athletic shoe brands (high-income teens, both genders): Nike, 74%; Adidas, 12%; New Balance, 2%; Brooks, 2%; Asics, 1 percent.
  • Top 5 Preferred Athletic Shoe Brands (High Income Men): Nike, 69%; Adidas, 17%; New Balance, 3%; Under Armour, 2%; Asics, 1%; Brooks, 1% (tied for five).
  • Top five favorite athletic shoe brands (high-income women): Nike, 80%; Adidas, 6%; Brooks, 3%; New Balance, 2%; Hoka One One, 2%.
  • Top 10 Favorite Athletic Shoe Brands (All Teenagers): Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Under Armour, Brooks, Asics, Hoka One One, Puma, On Running, Converse.
  • The best brands are starting to be worn (high-income adolescent males): Nike, 10%; Champion, 10%; Adidas, 10%; Lululemon, 4%; American Eagle, 4%; Under Armour, 3%; Hollister, 3%; vans, 3%; New Balance, 3%; The north face, 2%
  • The best brands are starting to be worn (high-income teenage girls): Lululemon, 10%; Nike, 6%; PacSun, 5%; American Eagle, 5%; Zara, 5%; Aritzia, 4 percent; Urban Outfitters, 4%; SHEIN, 3%; Garage, 3%; Reverse, 3 percent.
  • Top brands no longer worn (high-income adolescent males): Under Armour, 23%; Adidas, 15%; Nike, 8%; Difference, 7%; cougar, 5%; Reebok, 4%; Champion, 4%; Skechers, 4%; Hollister, 3%; American Eagle, 3%
  • Top brands no longer worn (upper income teenage girls): Justice, 22%; Hollister, 11%; American Eagle, 9%; Forever 21.5 percent; Adidas, 5%; Deviation, 4%; Under Armour, 4%; Old Navy, 4%; Brandy Melville, 3%; Abercrombie & Fitch, 3% (tied for ten years).

Photo courtesy of Nike/Nike Streakfly Road Running Shoe

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