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RANCHI: Indigenous products made by the women of the Self Help Group (SHG) in Jharkhand under the “Palash” banner are now available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart. Rural development department officials said that of the total 60 products, nine are available on the two e-commerce platforms.

More than two lakhs of rural women entrepreneurs manufacture, process, package and sell their products under the Palash brand. Officials said the two global e-commerce platforms had already signed memoranda of understanding to provide a larger market for natural products prepared by the women at SHG, who have already
started receiving orders on e-commerce platforms. Products available include mustard oil, honey, pickles, etc.

Nancy Sahay, CEO of the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS), which reports to the rural development department, said a greater variety of products would be available on these platforms by the end of the year. She said the JSLPS ultimately aimed to make all 60 of Palash’s products available on Amazon and Flipkart, which would increase the earnings of SHG women, further encouraging others to join the brand.

“The JSLPS will also be signing MoUs with local courier partners to accelerate cost-effective delivery, as Amazon and Flipkart do not ship liquid products themselves,” Sahay said. Welcoming this initiative, Rural Development Secretary Manish Ranjan said the government wanted to ensure a good income for these women in SHGs by providing them with means of subsistence. “This will not only allow the women of the SHG to get good prices for their products, but also a new identity for the development of the entrepreneurship of these women,” said Ranjan.

“This is the happiest time for all of us. We think we can connect other women like us with the Palash brand so that their incomes grow as well,” said Shobha Devi of Namkom at Ranchi, which makes pickles. Brand Palash is also a hit at India’s international trade fair in Delhi, she added.

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