Remarkable Women Awards 2022: Agnes Mwakatuma wins an award

Agnes Mwakatuma has been named Mental Health Advocate of the Year at StylistRemarkable Women Awards in association with BareMinerals. Mwakatuma – who co-founded mental health charity Black Minds Matter – took to the stage at tonight’s ceremony at The Londoner in Leicester Square to accept her award.

Mwakatuma co-founded the organization in the summer of 2020, following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. Floyd is far from the only black person to lose his life in this way – but his death and subsequent protests around the world have inspired an outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and made room for black people to share the racism and discrimination they experience on a daily basis.

But the events of that summer — and the conversations that followed — also had an emotional impact on the community at its heart. And it was this fact, along with the mental health impact of Covid-19 restrictions at the time, that inspired Agnes Mwakatuma to co-found Dark minds matter – a charity dedicated to providing black individuals and families with free mental health services delivered by black therapists and professionals.

Just 48 hours after launching, the charity had raised £70,000. And since then it has gone from strength to strength – in December 2020 the organization was able to provide therapy to its first 500 patients, and in March 2021 it launched a fundraising campaign to find long-term donors. .

The team also used its PageInstagram to raise awareness of the unique mental health issues facing black people – and share resources to help those they cannot help directly.

Less than two years after its launch, Black Minds Matter is making a significant difference to the UK mental health landscape – and it’s for this reason that Mwakatuma was named Mental Health Advocate of the Year at This year StylistRemarkable Women Awards in association with BareMinerals.

Not only did Mwakatuma lead Black Minds Matter efforts, but she also used her platform as a co-founder to encourage conversations about mental health in the black community and raise awareness of the challenges black people face in accessing support – and it has only just begun has begun.

Upon accepting her award, Mwakatuma said other remarkable women had taught her how to step into this world without fear. She opened up about how Mel B inspired her to show up and how she learned to stand up for herself even “among women who weren’t like me.”

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Images: Dave Benett/Getty

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