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Social Media-Focused Sports Marketing Startup Gives Investors the Opportunity to Continue Shaking Up the Advertising World From Just $250

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SGG Media – A division of Sports Gambling Guides, Inc., the rising sports advertising agency, continues its plans to disrupt the world of advertising by opening a $5 million private funding round on the leading US investment platform, through the SGG Media gate:

Like so many things the company has done in its short but meteoric rise over the past few years, turning to one of America’s largest crowdfunding sites to drive new investment into SGG Media is an industry first. It will offer private investors the unique opportunity to invest in a sports betting-related business from just $250 while helping SGG Media continue to grow.

With having already helped other start-ups raise $50 million in private funding, SGG Media is confident to launch its $5 million offering on the platform – this amount still rounding out the $3.25 million that the group has already financed over the past 15 years. month.

The fact that SGG Media has ripped up the traditional finance manual and made investing in the business possible for individuals online should perhaps come as no surprise to anyone in the sports marketing industry – after all, it’s a young company that has always done things differently.

Recognizing the prohibitive cost and largely unquantifiable nature of conventional television, print and radio advertising, SGG Media has made it its mission to disrupt the sports affiliate marketing space by instead harnessing the power of social media. to reach a whole new modern sports audience. Fans.

From this simple yet pioneering starting position, SGG Media has gone on to build a vast network of over 1,300 “sports micro-influencers” – skilled and committed content creators who can deliver laser-targeted messaging and promotions. to a combined audience of 25 million enthusiasts. sports fans.

The group has since partnered with some of the biggest companies in the sports betting and daily fantasy sports industries, these organizations all recognizing the importance of connecting with a new breed of fans who consume sports news via Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social networks. media.

Troy Paul, co-founder and president of SGG Media, said, “We are very pleased to invest in SGG Media online on the successful crowdfunding platform, This is perhaps the first opportunity for private investors to show their support for a sports betting-related business.

“To put it plainly, if you believe in the future of online sports betting and the future of social media advertising, this is a great opportunity to get involved with our business from just $250. We are confident that this crowdfunding round will prove to be another great success for SGG Media and allow the group to continue its pioneering work at the intersection of sports and social media.



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