Shoppers Drug Mart Donates $ 1 Million For Women’s Health And Encourages #ShoppersLoveYou


Shoppers Drug Mart made a commitment to women’s health in 2011 and marks the initiative’s 10th anniversary by donating $ 1 million to support women’s health causes across Canada as part of its “I love you” campaign.

The money will support: women’s mental health; overall women’s health; and women’s shelters to help those affected by domestic violence.

People can further support the effort by donating with a credit or debit card or using PC Optimum points here. All proceeds will be donated to a Canadian women’s health charity.

Social media users can also go to the donations web page to save a graphic to share using the hashtag #ShoppersLoveYou.

One of the recipients will be Women’s shelters Canada, which brings together 14 provincial and territorial shelter organizations and supports more than 600 shelters across the country for women and children fleeing violence. It was founded in 2009 and was incorporated and became a charity three years later.

The mission of Women’s Shelters Canada is to help raise awareness to ensure that policies, laws and regulations are informed by the experiences and ideas of its members and to create opportunities for the exchange of ideas. , learn and share resources.

More than 68,000 women and children find safety in women’s shelters each year, while many more receive outreach services, according to a 2019 report from Statistics Canada.

Women’s Shelters Canada reported in the same year that 55 percent of shelters for abused women cannot meet their operating expenses without fundraising.

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