South Forsyth High School graduate chosen for $10,000 Goddard School scholarship

The Goddard School, the nation’s leading provider of high-end educational child care, recently awarded a Forsyth County student the 2022 Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship.

The 14th annual $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a kindergarten or kindergarten graduate of Goddard School who “demonstrates a work ethic, perseverance and commitment to the community,” according to a statement from hurry.

This year’s recipient, Kira Young, graduated in 2010 from the Goddard School of Suwanee located on Old Atlanta Road and graduated in 2022 from South Forsyth High School.

Young is now a mental health advocate and has launched several initiatives to promote awareness and provide resources on the subject. In an effort to educate herself and others, she founded The Power of Okay, a website devoted to a range of mental health topics, including mental illness, self-help book reviews, self-talk with mental health professionals and wellness counselling.

Young has also partnered with South Forsyth Secondary School to launch Operation Positivity, which empowers students to promote mental health awareness and spread positivity throughout the school.

“Of the thousands of nominations we’ve received over the years, Kira’s positivity and passion for helping others truly stand out, and we’re honored to name her the recipient of the Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship this year,” said Dennis Maple, President and CEO of Goddard Systems.

“As Goddard School strives to make the world a better place through early childhood development, Kira has a similar mission to make the world a better place through mental health awareness,” he continued. “On behalf of the entire Goddard community, we are privileged to be part of Kira’s educational journey and thank her for the positive impact she is having.”

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