Student Minds York talks about mental health on campus

STUDENT MINDS YORK: Creating mental health awareness on campus. Student Minds York is a volunteer project at York University, with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of mental health on campus. We believe that every individual on campus should have the opportunity to talk about mental health in a non-judgmental and open manner and be able to access the support they may need for their mental health. We have many avenues through which we create mental health awareness and try to broaden the understanding of mental health. For example, we have a monthly newsletter which contains content such as what Student Minds York has been up to, information on upcoming key dates, and key tips and information on different areas of mental health. We also regularly organize events related to mental health, such as wellness events, fundraising events and awareness events.

Our website also provides information on how to manage common mental and physical problems. These range from lifestyle choices, such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, academic management as well as the pressures so often felt by students in higher education. We also provide materials to tackle poor mental health, ranging from tangible materials such as posters, leaflets and postcards, to videos and guides that also promote support and better well-being. This support extends to postgraduate research students as well as undergraduate students, as everyone’s mental health can fluctuate from time to time. Visit our website to access ‘TheWellbeing Thesis’, our ‘UniversityMental Health Day’ and our ‘StudentSpaces’.

Hear what our committee has to say about mental health and its importance: “Mental health is so important, but it remains a taboo area. As President of Student Minds York, I’m really passionate about mental health and helping people talk about mental health and know that it’s okay to have hard days. “Mental health awareness is always key and Student Minds York helps contribute to this understanding on campus and supports students through our events, newsletter and social media!” – Nicola Patchett, President of Student Minds York. “Student Spirit at York aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage people to take active care of their mental health. Our project aims to raise funds through events that support the Student Minds charity. We have big events coming up, small and relaxed events and some large scale ones, so keep an eye out!! – Katy Forrest, secretary. “Community and active work are key to making progress in improving people’s mental health. That’s what our events aim to do, to inspire people to take active steps to reflect on and improve their mental health, and to come together as a community to make it an enjoyable experience. – Sam Hinch, Events Manager. “Everyone at Student Minds York is extremely passionate about empowering college members to take care of their own mental health, support our peers, and create much-needed change in mental health for students.” – Abbey Cole-man, newsletter editor. “I really enjoy my social media role for Student Minds York! The team’s Instagram page is such a fun and important way to provide mental health information and support to students, and it’s so easy access!” – Sophie Derry, Social Media Manager.

Key tips from our committee to support your own mental health and take care of yourself! “Take your time to understand yourself, both mentally and physically. Check regularly whether you are feeling positive or negative emotions. This will help you understand yourself and see when you might need to take more time to care for yourself or to reach out to someone you trust. – Nicola Patchett, President “Self-care is an ongoing thing that needs to be done often – it’s what helps us stay within the limits of what our body and mind can handle. Take a few minutes out of your day to reflect and give your body the things it needs to keep your mind healthy. – Katy Forrest, secretary. “The most important thing to remember is to take it slow and easy, to facilitate recovery from mental health issues, not to do it all at once. You will come out much better on the other side. – Sam Hinch, Events Manager. “Put yourself, your needs and your well-being higher on your priority list.” – Abbey Coleman, newsletter editor.

A list of useful helplines and support to keep your mental health under control:

Open Door: A team of professionals on campus offering support to students experiencing psychological or mental health difficulties.

Nightline: A confidential sexual health counseling, information and supplies service that is run by university students.

Student Space: A student support service run by Student Minds. It offers a range of reliable information, support services and tools to help students cope with the uncertainty of student life.

Shout: a free and confidential 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis and/or needing someone to talk to

Where to find more information about York Minds: The main point of information for us is our Instagram! @uoystudent-minds is the main place to get information about our events, awareness and messages and general positivity! We really hope you enjoyed this read! Take care and keep an eye on us on campus!

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