SumanTV stands out exceptionally in digital media world: The Tribune India

SumanTV is the largest creator of original video content on digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a website in South India. It creates content in all genres like ‘Entertainment’, ‘Politics’, ‘Health’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Education’, ‘Jobs’, ‘Agriculture’ and many more.

SumanTV is a digital platform of PlayEven Info Pvt Ltd., which is involved in digital marketing to manage online presence on social media platforms and other forms of online marketing to target customers, sales and increase the notoriety of our customers.

The services provided by the company range from day-to-day social media management to graphic design and specialized marketing campaigns. By working with this company as a digital marketing agency, clients can have peace of mind about their social media handles as their SEO is handled by our experts every minute making it easier for them to run their business. .

This organization is one of the leading digital media platforms in Telugu states which fetches the good content which audiences are interested in and uploads it on time as it is the main feature of the YouTube channel to grow. He believes in creating great content and knowing the interest of the audience that day. The company believes in understanding new trends that are in demand for content and creating useful videos and uploading them on time.

He believes that the general public is looking for information on topics such as personality development, cooking videos, farming, jobs and many more.

The organization was launched in 2015, and within a year, it hit the 10 million subscriber mark in the same period. As of today, SumanTV has over 150 YouTube channels with over 3 Crore subscribers, over 25 billion views and over 65.5 billion watch time across the world.

The organization spreads the best and most trusted news on all digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, an official Telugu and English news site. After SumanTV’s seven successful years, the organization’s main office in Hyderabad has two branches. It will inaugurate its third SumanTV 24/7 Digital News branch in Jubilee Hills, with guest of honor, Megastar Chiranjeevi garu, Hero Srikanth Garu, Murali Mohan Garu, TRS Party JubileeHills MLA Maganti Gopinath Garu, actor Rajendra Prasad Garu, Uttej garu on March 1, 2022.

Over the past year, the organization has seen a tremendous digital media push, despite the challenges facing content creators due to the pandemic. One of the major YouTube platforms has seen a surge in content creation with over 200 Telugu YouTube channels.

Suman Dudi’s hard work and passion is the man behind the success of SumanTV, he is the founder and CEO of SumanTV. He launched the organization with great passion and commitment. The organization has received over 70 awards from YouTube. The organization was created with two employees in 2015, today it is a team of more than 200 employees working hard for the growth of the organization.

It is the main content production platform on YouTube and is always at the forefront for its users to provide content with changing trends. For 7 years, the organization has been celebrating the trust of its subscribers and users from its first YouTube channel.

The organization also has offices in different cities like Hyderabad (main office with three branches), Vijayawada, East Godavari, Guntur, Nellore, Vizag, Tirupathi, Chennai.

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