Supermarkets thank Seymour Health


Seymour Health feels the love after two donations from Coles and Woolworths to thank the team for their work during the pandemic.

Theater staff benefited from a generous gift of baskets from Coles Seymour, which coincided with Perioperative Nurses Week (October 3-9).

Now is the time for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses to celebrate their profession, their employees, and the vital role theater nurses play in the health care equation.

A treat cart has also been received from Woolworths Seymour and will be distributed to staff in various departments of the health service.

The cart was filled to the brim with a range of food and non-alcoholic drinks in addition to a bouquet of flowers for the staff.

Coles Seymour store manager Caz Watson said frontline workers in hospitals have done an incredible job despite many challenges throughout the pandemic.

“We have had a few clients who have praised the work of the frontline workers, especially the Seymour Health team,” she said.

“The downtime is pretty minimal for them, which is why we donated a few baskets that could be shared throughout the hospital to show appreciation for everything they do.

“The Seymour Health team is helping the community maintain their mental and physical health and I don’t know where we would be through this pandemic without their hard work and care.”

Coles store manager Seymour Caz Watson and customer service manager Damian Sonneneld with the donated baskets.

Woolworths Seymour store manager Ray Whyte said his team wanted to provide essentials for frontline doctors and nurses to keep communities safe.

“At Woolworths, we try to do a little bit of good every day, and that’s just a little token of appreciation for the team,” he said.

“We hope that fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy foods and more can keep staff busy from shift to shift.

“The work of the staff at Seymour Health is incredible. Doctors and nurses proudly administered vaccines to our staff to keep our team and customers safe.

“On behalf of the Woolworths team, Seymour and I would like to thank Seymour Health for their incredibly hard work and dedication to our city.”

Seymour Health CEO Ward Steet said COVID-19 introduced a significant number of new challenges and pressures for staff, so it was wonderful to know the community appreciated and recognized the team’s work.

“It’s a team effort. The wonderful care provided by our nurses and doctors could not happen without the tremendous efforts of all the support staff working in the background,” he said.

“Our cleaners, kitchen staff, finance team, maintenance staff, administrative support, paramedics, procurement and more.

“Every member of the Seymour Health staff is an integral part of the healthcare delivery system ensuring the safety of our consumers and our community and I am very proud of all of them for their dedication and hard work.

“The volume of work related to the pandemic challenged many of us, but in the end, that’s what we were trained to do. “

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