‘Sweet? No…Find your signature visit to shine a light on men’s mental health

In the famous words of George Bernard Shaw “I can think of no other man-made building so selfless as a lighthouse. They are built only to serve.

When four Papamoa men started discussing their journey with mental health, they realized that Kiwi guys tend to ignore all questions about their well-being with the classic phrase “Yeah, I’m sweet.”

The men, Luke McFarlane, Matt Tope, Jamie Wilson and Rodney Phillips, who all had contact with the infamous “Black Dog”, decided to do something about it, and by being a band on it, realized the best way to contribute to this important issue, was to highlight and support some of the amazing organizations and charities currently working in this space.

From there, the ‘Sweet? No… your lighthouse tour has been designed and the guys will depart from one of New Zealand’s most iconic marine sites, Mauao (Mount Maunganui) on Sunday 17th April at 5am. From there they will sail through New Zealand via 24 of New Zealand’s lighthouses for 12 days and over 6,000km.

‘Too often when we are asked if we are nice, we say yes, but the answer is often no’
says Luke, spokesperson for the Lighthouse Project Charitable Trust. “We started this charity to highlight the community organizations in Aotearoa who are working hard to ensure those who struggle the most get the support they need. We want guys to see that there are options and the first step is to acknowledge our struggles and then start talking about them.

With a fundraising goal of $100,000, the team will share their journey through their social media channels, encourage the public to connect with them during their stops, and direct supporters to their Givealittle page to make donations that will already be shared by organizations. make great mahi in their communities.

Rowan McKeany, National Operations Manager for Classic Builders NZ Ltd, a major tour sponsor, said: “A healthy workforce is the cornerstone of our business and just as we ensure that our staff are physically safe in the workplace, we also focus on mental health. welfare. Classic Group’s 5 Paths to Wellness program provides some simple checkpoints that our team can use in everyday life and connection is one of the fundamental pillars. There’s nothing like a roadie to bring people together and the way the boys connect with other organizations perfectly embodies that value.

“TracMap has always been a strong advocate for mental and physical health and well-being. Our goal is for every team member to be supported by their leaders and teammates, with access to resources, including coaching tips. Employee Assistance and our Wellness Support Program. Through the efforts of The Lighthouse Project, we truly emphasize that it’s okay to ask for help. We know that feeling a sense of purpose and “an attitude of gratitude” has a positive impact on mental health; and this tour encompasses that and more, of which TracMap is a big proponent.”
Several other organizations joined in support of the initiative, including TrailLite, which provided the use of an RV to complete the tour, and Gull, which provided a “good grant” to help cover fuel costs. .

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