Talented recording artist Micaiah releases self-help book ‘Lessons from my Kitchen’

Singer-songwriter, actress and writer, Micaiah, otherwise known as Olu Laoye, announces the release of ‘Lessons from my Kitchen’, a new book where she shares real life lessons from her cooking

Olu Laoye, popularly known by the stage name Micaiah, has carved a niche for herself in the industry by delivering songs that are both uplifting and entertaining and she decided to motivate people to a higher notch with the release of “Lessons from my Kitchen”. The self-help book is particularly unique because the author shares tips for people who are ready to make decisions at different times in their lives while personifying the process.

Millions of people are often held back from realizing their full potential due to fear of what society thinks of their actions, a phenomenon that sometimes turns into a generational issue. Over the years, several self-help guides and other similar resources have been developed to help people in such a situation. However, resources are often abstract and therefore fail to deliver the desired results. Therefore, Micaiah seeks to change that narrative, this time as Olu Laoye shares some of the biggest lessons learned in her kitchen.

The author shares his “me time” by pondering life lessons in the kitchen with readers, recounting his random thoughts on different philosophies. “Lessons from my Kitchen” contains life lessons on a variety of topics, including ignoring the negative thoughts and perceptions of others, building self-esteem and nurturing relationships, and seeking a mentor with the goal of guiding others. It also highlights the importance of identifying life’s bakers and butlers, with the author sharing his experience of dealing with traitors and escaping near-death food poisoning as well as amazing surprises on the verge of disappointments , and the pursuit of one’s dreams after a Spiritual Awakening. Olu Laoye also shared some ideas on how to cook certain dishes, as you would expect since the book was practically cooked in the kitchen.

“Lessons from my Kitchen” is ideal for all categories of readers, regardless of age group, gender or location in the world.

The relevant self-help resource is currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for interested readers worldwide.

About Olu Laoye

Olu Laoye (Micaiah) is a recording artist, songwriter, actress, writer, business consultant, mentor and motivational speaker. She is known in the music industry as Micaiah, with her songs and music videos making waves on TV, radio and the internet, reaching many people around the world. The Nigerian native also sits on advisory boards, volunteers in non-profit organizations and uses her talents in music, theater and philanthropy to glorify God.

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