The BGSBU organizes a workshop on “mental health and addiction”

The BGSBU organizes a workshop on “mental health and addiction”

posted on April 24, 2022 | Author RK News

Rajouri, April 23: Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Hospitality and Tourism Center in Rajouri held a workshop on mental health and addiction.

The one-day workshop provided an overview of mental health issues, addiction, the impact of addiction on the family, treatment and recovery.

This workshop also explored how to know if someone may have an alcohol and/or drug problem and how to provide support.

The Vice Chancellor of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Prof. Akbar Masood commended the department for organizing the workshop and said such kind of interactions help in raising awareness among young people.

In his message, he described mental health as an essential part of the well-being of an individual, a family and a community. Professor Akbar mentioned that good mental health helps people build resilience in times of adversity and improves individual and collective productivity.

He urged participants to help eradicate the threat of drug abuse from society.

Dr. Imran Khan, neuropsychiatrist and addiction specialist was the resource person for the workshop. Dr. Imran highlighted the role of parents and friends in helping young people overcome this threat that is eating away at the lifeblood of our society.

Dr Imran said drug addiction leads to impaired control, disabilities and a negative social image. Dr. Imran spoke about the importance of the health and happiness of all young people and turning them away from drug addiction.

Dr Danish Iqbal Raina, deputy director of the Visitor and Tourism Centre, said the workshop was part of a campaign to raise mental health awareness and prevent drug abuse among young people.

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