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The pool is slated to reopen on July 5; Health-care district donation will pay for swimming lessons, city manager says

Fourth-graders from Del Norte County enter the Fred Endert Municipal Pool for swimming lessons in this photo from 2019. Photo: Jessica Cejnar

Crescent City Councilors urged Holly Wendt to do everything to make the grand reopening of the Fred Endert City Pool on July 5 special.

But for many customers who have been kept out of the water since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, the ability to finally swim a few really good laps will be celebration enough, the recreation director said on Monday.

“I think it’s going to be an all-day celebration as people walk in,” Wendt told advisers. “We’re going to play a lot of great music and we’ll have some fun playtime. I’m excited about our lap swim and our aerobics and exercise groups that use it for wellness and physiotherapy just to get into the water.

Wendt presented to Council the proposed July 5 date for the pool to reopen to all aquatic services about a week after the state’s public health department eased safety restrictions related to COVID-19.

Since the facility has been operating with limited staff since it began offering swimming lessons in April, the July 5 reopening date will allow the city to recruit new lifeguards, Wendt said. It also gives them plenty of time to make arrangements for childcare or other jobs, she said.

Wendt and pool staff also prepared for a full reopening based on a June 14 public service announcement from Del Norte County Public Health Officer Dr Warren Rehwaldt. In the announcement, Rehwaldt said that masks are not required for people who are fully vaccinated except on public transport, inside K12 schools or other youth facilities, and in correctional facilities and health centers. state and local detention.

“The aquatic team is currently preparing for a full reopening based on these guidelines,” the Wendt staff report said. “The complete reopening will include all aquatic services and access to the changing rooms. Unvaccinated people will be invited to hide in the lobby, the changing rooms and out of the water on the pool terrace.

In addition to approving the date of reopening of all pool activities, the advisers adopted the finalized price list proposed at its meeting on May 3.

According to Wendt, the city held a meeting with its pool stakeholders on May 18, who supported the proposed changes. Those who attended were not opposed to the proposed fee increases, she said. They also didn’t express that they were too expensive for the community, Wendt said.

Under the new fee schedule, the youth designation will change to serve ages 7 to 17 for a day-use rate of $ 4, which is lower than the previous rate of $ 5, according to Wendt. The day rate for seniors would remain at $ 5 and the day rate for adults would drop from $ 5.50 to $ 6, according to the new fee schedule.

The new price list provides for the introduction of passes with 10 punches, the costs of which would cover nine visits, the 10th being free. For example, a 10-punch youth pass would cost $ 36. Seniors would pay $ 45 for a 10-punch pass and adults would pay $ 54, according to Wendt’s presentation.

There will also be a new monthly adult pass as part of the new fee schedule, while the annual fee for annual adult passes would drop from $ 525 to $ 540, according to Wendt’s presentation. With monthly adult passes costing $ 60, Wendt said the annual passes will cover nine months with three months free.

“The methodology is there,” she said, adding that those who attended the pool meeting agreed. “Over time, as costs gradually increase, we have a plan for how to adjust to the economy and the direction of the community.”

Slide rentals will also drop from $ 30 to $ 50, which covers the personnel costs required to operate the slide, according to Wendt. Lifeguard training fees for non-employees will also drop from $ 100 to $ 250, according to the staff report.

The new fee schedule calls for a halt to the pool’s winter sale prices for annual passes – something the stakeholder group deemed unnecessary, according to Wendt. He’s also calling for a halt in selling prices on 10-shot passes and the elimination of 50-shot passes, according to Wendt.

According to the Wendt staff report, the proposed fee schedule changes are expected to generate an increase in revenue of approximately $ 21,000.

On Tuesday, the Del Norte Health Care District authorized a donation of $ 45,000 for swimming lessons at the Fred Endert Pool, according to City Manager Eric Wier. An additional $ 5,000 will help the city spread the word, he told councilors

“This will make swimming lessons for anyone who wants them,” said city manager Eric Wier. “If acted upon, we will return to Council for a budget amendment and be able to announce it as part of our reopening schedule.”

According to Wier, the council will consider a budget amendment that includes the $ 45,000 donation at a special meeting Thursday. Free swimming lessons could start as early as July 19, he told the Outpost of wild rivers.

The city will also work with the Del Norte Unified School District to continue offering swimming lessons to fourth-graders, according to Wendt. However, since last year’s fourth-graders missed the program, they will also be able to visit the pool in their fifth-year year, she said.


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