The Whistler Racket Club to Host Slow Pitch Charity Event


All proceeds from the Charity All-Star Game and Home Running Derby will be donated to the Whistler Community Services Society to support mental health services

On Saturday, September 18, the Whistler Racket Club will host a Slow Pitch All-Star Charity Game and Home Run Derby to raise funds for the Whistler Community Services Society.

The idea first came to event organizer Anthony Joyce to celebrate this summer’s slo-pitch season. But things really turned out for him and co-host Shea Emry when they decided to use the event as a way to raise funds and raise awareness about mental health services.

“[There’s] definitely a personal connection playing myself in the slow pitch league and with 30 or 40 employees and a bunch of friends in town all working in the industry we are just maxing out and everyone is working double and just trying to get through this time, ”said Emry, who also co-owns the Whistler Racket Club.

“Personally, I have struggled with my own mental health issues. I’ve had over 30 concussions, I have two kids, two businesses, and COVID has affected all of this tremendously and I just wanted to have this larger conversation with more people from different organizations. “

The day will consist of one or two slow pitch games, depending on the number, followed by a mental health awareness panel and will end with the home run derby.

Teams from each division of the Whistler Slo-Pitch Association are encouraged to nominate a guy and a girl to compete in each of the All-Star and Homestroke Derby games. However, the home derby will also be open to the public – or players who have not been nominated by their teams – to participate in a donation, starting at $ 20.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Spruce Grove Ball Courts and will have a beer garden and canteen sponsored by Gibbons Whistler.

Other sponsors include XL Audio Visual, which will provide the speakers and microphones for the panel, Event Rental Works, which will provide tents, tables and chairs, and various other local businesses offering prizes for the home derby.

The home run derby will be split in two, with the ladies kicking off, followed by the men. It will be a three-round derby with the top four from the first round. In the first round, batters have one minute to get as many runs as possible (25 for a home run, 15 for the deep outfield, 10 for the middle outfield). In the second round, hitters will have 90 seconds and the third and final round will be a one-minute matchup between the top two hitters.

“With this event, I hope to achieve an enjoyable and enjoyable experience for our community, bring the service sector and our hospitality industry together and have a conversation,” said Emry. “Really, that’s what it is about sports and recreation, which really brings us together and allows us to have conversations about what we’re really going through and hopefully inspire us to take steps to make healthier choices in our lives. “

Find more information and a link to register go to, or send an email to [email protected]

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