Twitter has released an infographic detailing how its user base is actively consuming the news media/digital news world

Twitter has recently published a report, attempting to highlight how tweets can impact the entire process of sharing information online.

The way we consume news has evolved rapidly since the 2000s, when headlines were identified by newspapers and cable television. The advent of social media has changed the landscape of information dissemination and has taken much of the benefits and vitality from conventional channels in the process. To this day, newspapers and cable television are feeling the pinch, and while the latter is still surviving well enough in this new ecosystem, the former has been doomed to mass layoffs and transitions to online media. In the current era, I imagine around 90% of news media consumed comes from social media, further complicated by clickbait headlines selling false or misinterpreted information (because who has time to check its sources?). I’d bet even more that the same older generations who condemn social media as a whole are actively using it to stay up to date, even if they won’t admit it.

Now the likes of TikTok and Instagram are thriving in this environment, but what about Twitter? As I’ve mentioned in several posts before, Twitter isn’t exactly the most popular social media platform anymore; Not that it ever was, but there’s a noticeable difference between standing next to Facebook and looming in its shadow. Younger generations react more to visually appealing content, such as the aforementioned short-form video content generator that is TikTok, and the microblogging sensibilities of Twitter are not for them. However, the latter would have you believe that is not the case at all and that there is a case to be made that Twitter is still a very influential social media platform.

The infographic we are discussing today poses the following idea: Twitter may not be used as actively as other social media platforms, but through the sharing of screenshots and other forms of quotes that are not easily trackable, it still maintains a healthy online relevance. Honestly, that’s not entirely wrong, since Twitter is still considered a major source for online trends. However, the chart smartly chooses not to comment on user numbers, instead emphasizing how important news is as a medium for the platform’s community. 94% of users express interest in news, 85% consume information through multiple sources and 83% tweet about it.

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