Unity In The Community raises awareness about mental health



Fresh Start 508, a local non-profit organization, commemorated the June 15 holiday in Worcester with its ‘Unity in Community’ event. Fresh Start Wellness Center is a mental health agency that creates and implements mental health programs in the criminal justice and education system.

For weeks, volunteers joined Fresh Start staff members to clean up neighborhoods across the city while seeking to raise awareness of mental health in the area.

They associated their final cleanup with a June 15 celebration behind City Hall on Saturday.

“The biggest message I can get right now is mental health awareness, we all go through it,” said Derrick Kiser, executive director of Fresh Start. “You know, it’s time to put your pride and ego aside and this is for the help you need. We’ve completed our Unity in the Community cleanup, we’ve cut back on vaccinations, so you need to focus. on your internal and external health. We are here, Fresh Start 508, Forever Young, whenever you need help come see us and ask. If you need help contact Worcester Police or to a local person you know, she will help you in whatever way you can. We’re all in the same boat. “

“The important thing is to destigmatize mental health services so that people are not afraid to use them,” said Senator Michael Moore. “Listen, we’re in the same boat and the only way to get over that is to all work together. So it’s extremely important that we educate people in organizations, be it government or nonprofits. that provide services that will hopefully improve the quality of people’s lives. ”

Kiser says he hopes the clean-up sessions over the past few weeks have bridged the gap between the community and law enforcement in an effort to improve relations.


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