Waymo Intors Accessibility Network | automatic connected car news

Waymo announced the Waymo Accessibility Network to formalize and expand its longstanding collaboration with disability advocates. This will broaden the inclusion of their crucial voices and valuable insights as we work together to shape the future of transportation.

The Waymo Accessibility Network brings together disability advocates who share the mission of improving access, mobility and safety in our communities. Through the network, Waymo will partner directly with organizations that support people of all ages with physical, visual, cognitive and sensory disabilities. Members include both national advocates and community-based nonprofits serving the cities where Waymo One operates.

“Establishing the Waymo Accessibility Network is our final step in ensuring that our transformational deployment of autonomous technology is inclusive and equitable,” said Waymo Director of Product Management Chris Ludwick. “Consistent, two-way communication with the disability community will help Waymo research, design and deploy accessible solutions for all of our riders.”

The original 13 members of the Waymo Accessibility Network include the American Association of Persons with Disabilities (AAPD), National Federation of the Blind, United Spinal Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Epilepsy Foundation of America, Blinded Veterans Association , United Cerebral Palsy. and the American Council of the Blind; LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco and Self-Help for the Elderly, based in San Francisco; and the Foundation for Blind Children and the Foundation for the Elderly based in Arizona.

“Involving the disability community from the start in technology advancements is key to being a true champion of inclusion for today’s leading innovators,” said Vincenzo Piscopo, President and CEO, United Spinal Association. “The arrival of fully autonomous vehicles is highly anticipated by the disability community, and we are working to make our voice heard in the development of this flagship technology. The Waymo Accessibility Network will elevate the dialogue Waymo has always had with our community and set an example for their peers to follow in the audiovisual space.

The Waymo Accessibility Network will work directly with member organizations to conduct user research, product testing and more. This invaluable feedback will help us build on Waymo’s current accessible design features, such as audio cues, screen readers, driver assistance chats, instructional tips, and more.

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