Wheels or doors? The debate on the Internet drives social networks into the wall

It started on Twitter and filtered its way to TikTok and now the latest internet debate is being talked about everywhere.

Much like the fiercely disputed dress color incident of the mid-2010s, netizens are now pissed off about the question of if there are more doors or wheels in the world.

Whether you too are very attached to the debate or just need a break from the terrible news reaching us from around the world, here’s what we know about this week’s argument.

Where did it start?

Last week, New Zealander Ryan Nixon posted a seemingly innocuous tweet: “Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?


And like all good viral trends, it just kept rolling (kind of like a wheel) from there.

Nixon’s Twitter poll piled up more than 220,000 votes and threads popped up on social media platforms, where arguments from both sides came in droves and fast.


The debate is in the fine print

Do doors have to have a door or are door frames considered a door?

Is a valve a door and a cog a wheel?

How many wheels are there in a Ferris wheel?

Does a dog door attached to a human door count as one door or two?

Aside from the endless questions trying to establish the criteria for the count, people have made some pretty strong arguments for both sides.


There are not yet a formally agreed definition for the gate and the wheel for the purpose of experience, which means the… gate… is always open to interpretation.

Ryan Nixon, who posted the original poll, followed a few days later to say “be careful what you tweet,” hinting that he’s probably seen more sides to this debate than he ever anticipated.

Wheels narrowly won on this particular thread, beating the gates from 53.6% to 46.4%, but the internet decided it wasn’t quite over with the argument.


The case for the wheel

The wheel was invented around 3,500 BC, depending on what kind of wheel you’re looking at and where in the world you’re located, so Team Wheel could argue there’s a historical advantage in its case.

“There are more drawers than cupboards, 18 wheels exist, motorcycles and bicycles? At least two wheels each, no doors. Treadmills? Roller coasters? Trains? A TikTok user said.


Deadset on the door

Many Team Door members have turned to high-rise buildings, cruise ships, hospitals and home kitchens as proof of their beliefs.

A poster ruled that “anything with hinges would be a door”, and said they were therefore “Team door to the end“.


But others have advanced less conventional arguments.

“Have you thought about how the four valves of the human heart might count as doors?” a thoughtful TikToker.

“I want to be Team Wheels so badly but what about advent calendars?” another user asked.

Will we ever know what the answer is?

Listen, if you want to go ahead and count all the doors and wheels in the world, we won’t stop you.

Until then, let the debate continue.

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