Woman shares bill for ‘waste of time’ dates: ‘Amazing’

A woman’s spreadsheet presenting a “waste of time bill” to the men she’s dated is thrilling the internet, and many people think it’s a brilliant idea.

The now viral TikTok, captioned “Honestly love making spreadsheets hehe xx #fyp”, has been viewed over 750,000 times with 145,800 likes since it was shared on April 7. @hattie.rowewho has over 100,000 subscribers, shared the clip which is getting a lot of attention online.

According to Statista, 44.2 million people used online dating services in the United States in 2020. This number is expected to increase to 53.3 million people by 2025.

The clip began with the TikToker facing the camera with his hair in a bun. “Today I was thinking about all the men who have wasted my time over the years, and how I should start charging them,” the woman explained. “And I drank a gin. What do gorgeous girls do when they’ve had a gin? We do [a] spreadsheet.”

She goes into more detail: “I’ve come up with a very simple but effective model that we can use to bill the people who screwed us up. You know, just to try and get some of the time back, to dignity, energy that you may have lost.”

The woman revealed her spreadsheet, presumably in Excel, titled “Time Waster Invoice”, which she added is not “applicable” for the first 28 days of communication, and is listed while top by title.

Below the title, there was a breakdown of the charges which further includes the total time lost and the standard charges. The TikToker filled out the form with a fictional person’s information in great detail.

She started with the row titled “First communication date,” and that’s when the hypothetical couple started getting involved.

“We’re going to keep it simple,” the TikToker said, changing the date to the first of the year. Then it was time to fill in the space for when communication stopped, which can then be used to total the number of days lost during the period.

She added that for the false invoice, communication ceased on April 7, bringing the total number of days lost to 96.

Next are the standard charges, and the designer advised: “Dealing with men is a full time job, so I set the personal daily rate. We’ll be generous, I’ll say £20.” Quid is a slang term for the British pound.

With that spot filled, it was time to look at other expenses, including gas, court fees, therapy fees, and more. The creator chose to mark this box for 200 pounds.

In the upper right corner was another box with some additional information. One line was called the “frontal lobe tax,” which the TikToker further explained: “Apparently the frontal lobe of the brain is fully developed by the age of 25, so [in] my opinion, anyone over 25 has no reason to act like a fucking child.”

The creator added a 10% frontal lobe tax to the fake invoice. But underneath, there was a discount available for men whose name started with a “J”, called “J Name Discount”.

A woman has shared a sheet of bills for dates who “waste his time”. Here a woman smiles while using a laptop while seated.

“If a name starts with a ‘J’, in my opinion, it’s on you that you got involved with them. I don’t think it’s their fault,” they continued. “So we’ll give them a discount, we’ll say 5%,” and she added that in the spreadsheet as well.

Cheating charges were also included, which the TikToker revealed was a “straight fine” if the man cheated. The woman noted this as £500 on the highlighted bill.

Then there’s a separate box for more information, including the man’s age, which the creator coined at 26. The next row asked if the name started with a “J”, which the woman said, calling him “Jeremy.” The last question asked if the man had cheated. “Yes, he did,” she said, filling in the last box.

With all the important numbers calculated, the hypothetical man named “Jeremy” owed TikToker £3,026.10 after fees including tax, with a discount also factored in.

“So yeah, to any man who’s thinking of wasting this beautiful creature’s time, here’s what you’ll get. I’ll see you in court,” the woman showed the spreadsheet once more before the video cut .

In the comments, the creator revealed that there were many comments telling her to sell the spreadsheet, which is now available on Etsy for $1.95. Proceeds will also go to a mental health charity.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker took a personal request to determine the fee using someone’s invoice with specific parameters, and the total owed was £32,846.

Over 3,100 comments have poured in on the viral spreadsheet idea, and people can’t get enough. “You are doing the work of the Lord! a TikToker wrote.

For another TikToker, things changed once they saw the video. “I had plans today, but now I have to do a freaking spreadsheet,” they said.

Others were impressed with the TikToker’s capabilities with spreadsheets. “Please teach an Excel course and make building things like this the task,” one viewer said. “I need to learn Excel.”

One viewer didn’t mince words, calling it the “best idea of ​​the 21st century”. They also added, “I would recommend starting [to work] on an economic model.

Another TikToker also seemed to be on board, calling the spreadsheet “absolutely fantastic”. They also insisted, “This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet today. Full marks. A+++ 10/10.”

Other approving comments included things like, “Time well spent baby, time well spent,” “That’s amazing,” and “How do I get a copy of this?”

Newsweek contacted TikToker @hattie.rowe for comment.

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