Xaar: supports ‘life-changing’ charity volunteering of team members in Kenya


June 30, 2022

Simon Rumbles, a strategic buyer at Xaar’s Cambridgeshire office, has had the trip of a lifetime, volunteering to help support five local schools in Nakuru, Kenya.

The trip was organized by the Midlands-based charity Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) to carry out several projects in schools which teachers had identified as key to improving pupils’ wellbeing and mental health . These included the construction of a new toilet block, updating the kitchen facilities, re-roofing and pavement improvement, and the installation of water tanks.

As one of 65 volunteers, Simon raised £3,000 through donations and his own contributions to fund the two-week trip. Xaar’s Volunteer Scheme, part of his sustainability roadmap, donated £500 to Simon’s cause and contributed an extra 2.5 days off to make his trip possible.

“It was very gratifying to be able to help make these much needed improvements to what so many local children consider to be their ‘safe and happy place,’” said Simon.

“All of the children made it clear how happy they were to have us there, and my everlasting memory from the trip is the joy and celebration they showed and how we could help make a difference in their lives.

“I will be forever grateful for the support everyone at Xaar and elsewhere has given me to take this life-changing journey.”

John Mills, CEO of Xaar, commented; “At Xaar, our people are what make us who we are, both on and off the job, and it’s both rewarding and enjoyable to be able to support them in their efforts as part of our commitment to people and our community.

“Our values ​​are shared across our company and Simon’s efforts embody the spirit and commitment we have at Xaar. We are all extremely proud of his achievements and extend our congratulations to everyone who has supported this noble initiative.”

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